A Family Erased: The Chris Coleman Story

Could a father strangle his wife and young sons just to keep a high salary and a sexy mistress? And if not, who did?


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Coleman Case

I don't believe defending your felony-committing son, no matter what, is reserved for people of the cloth. I see plenty of families who support their murdering, drug-taking, lowlife family members no matter how clear the evidence is.

Wendy Barnes 45 days ago


Far more often naught people of the cloth sincerely believe they are above reproach and are rightfully entitled to whatever they want and anything that stands in they way is of no consequence. Notice how the parents excuses everything Chris did. In their eyes he was totally justified and totally innocent. Chris only admits to misleading by giving the impression he would serve divorce papers. How can you have a full blown affair and say you were misleading? Tata is just as heartless. Why would you want a man who would leave his wife and two boys? So she thought. I would imagine it's hard for parents to accept they raised a muderer. But that all comes back to being righteous in their own eyes. Above the law....even Gods law. I would challenge Joyce to search her heart when Chris called out sick and she knew so my was wrong. To many people let to many things fall through the cracks, landmines taking responsibility for it. Tragedy at it's utmost.

Inger Thomas 180 days ago

The boys

What about the boys. I don't see these grandparents grieving for the innocent boys. It makes me sick to hear how they never approved of or liked Sheri. Chris Coleman is a monster. It's amazing how Chris Coleman was raised in a house where his parents preached the word of God...but they didn't live it. Doesn't sound like much love was involved in this story. What a shame. Sheri knew "something" was going to happen. She should have taken those boys and ran. This story is heartbreaking. Coleman's parents are right about it being between their son and God. Judgment day will be swift. I can't stand that his parents don't seem to have an opinion...I guess I should say they won't voice it. Again, I ask WHO speaks for the loss of two sweet little boys. The last thing they saw was their fathers face as he took their very breath from their small trusting bodies.

Joanie 182 days ago


I guess you don't have to be smart to get a job with Joyce Meyer. The guy is dumb as a rock, (and stuff). His Mom even kind of laughed in an interview, after the murder when describing Chris as not being sentimental, romantic or some crap like that. Unbelievable.Of course Joyce Meyer came to the scene, the whole town came to the scene. Devastating. Chris also said over the phone, in an interview from prison, that if he ever talks to Tara Lintz again, wanted to apologize for lying to her about the divorce he never filed for. Wow, just Wow!

Nancy Levy 349 days ago

Joyce Meyer Arrives at Scene of Crime

Why did Joyce Meyer arrive at the crime scene? And why isn't there any information in this article or other media about why she was there, who called her, how did she find out about it, and how did she end up there so shortly after police arrive?

Judith Rae more than 1 year ago

Coleman's parents

are in complete denial. Just another example of "not MY son" regardless of all the evidence stacked against him. Somewhere in all of this, there should be something called common sense: if someone was after his boss, why go after her bodyguard? Better yet, why go after the bodyguard's wife and two young children? Ditto for someone being after Coleman himself. It's ridiculous. The only one with a motive was Coleman. I'm sure this has been awful for his parents, but the kind of haughty, self-righteous denial intertwined with talk about God is pathetic. Poor Sheri and her little boys...they certainly deserved better than a cold-blooded, narcissistic killer for a husband and father.

LB more than 1 year ago


In all fairness, the old Coleman couple represent pretty much most of the parents today (with the exception of very few): My kids are perfect, they can do no wrong. And if they did, they must have a damn good reason, raising kids into these selfish-to-no-end, self-centered, self-entitled brats. These parents are usually too dumb and shortsighted to realize that their "unconditional parent love" could very well hurt their children down the road.

XIAOMIN FEADOR 203 days ago

Chris Coleman

He did it. There's no doubt. Too many things like the death occurring while he was there, the computer threats coming from him..on & on. He deserved the death penalty. But he really should be on death row, unable to leave but for one hr per 24hrs!!#

Kathy Liso more than 1 year ago


I have been a Christian for a long time, and I have absolutely no respect for the Colemans. How can they be concerned about whether Chris thought they were ashamed of him when their grandchildren were brutally murdered by him? How can they be in the courtroom when a sexing tape he made for Tara of him masturbating was shown, yet not condemn him? How can they talk about Shari being worldly when she was no longer that way, but their son was nothing but? Is Ron still a pastor? If so, why would anyone show up on Sunday? And don't talk to me about judging. This is the kind of thing that makes so many not follow Christ!

Rhonda Grainger more than 1 year ago

Well said.

On all points, you are correct. Christians give Christianity a bad name.

Inger Thomas 180 days ago

You are dilusional....

If i were chris coleman and I killed my wife and son? KILL YOURSELF NOW, DO YOURSELF AND US ALL A FAVOR

Dvb more than 1 year ago

Grow up

grow up

Hans more than 1 year ago

Edward Edwards

I believe that this was the work of Edward Wayne Edwards, a known serial killer.

He was arrested and convicted of murder just over a month after the murder of Coleman's family.

Edwards' mothers name was Myers, and he had a habit of leaving messages in red writing after his murders.

See the Facebook discussion group "Edward Wayne Edwards - Serial Killer" where this is being discussed.

George Barwood more than 1 year ago

George, get real

You are in denial, George.

dvb more than 1 year ago

George the killer lover

This is the same guy who defends Jodi Arias with vigor. He loves to defend psychopaths.

Dawn more than 1 year ago


I am all for parents being supportive but this borders on delusional. What do they think about the fact that the threatening emails were tracked to their son's laptop? How coincidental do they think that is? To me, that is extremely damning. And just like CE posted, there doesn't really seem to be much concern for their grandchildren. Last, I was really appalled at the extreme lack of consideration of Tara Lintz for an old friend by consorting with her husband. Did she really think this scenario was going to have a happy ending? Is having a married man and father break up his family to be with you really a happy ending? She thought absolutely little about anyone other than herself. For me, even though Chris was already feeling unhappiness in his relationship, I feel that she was probably the absolute catalyst for what occurred. Although he was fairly proud of his salary and working for the televangelist, he might have merely opted for divorce had he been assured that she wanted him solely for himself, even if he came without the lucrative paycheck. No, he must have felt that the job had to accompany him.

Lisa more than 2 years ago

The Coleman parents

Do they ever say anything about their murdered grandchildren? We understand they were cruel to Sheri, but they seem over concerned about their son who took away their grandbabies lives. Never saw any grieving for the grandkids in these reports

CE more than 2 years ago

The Coleman Parents

I was thinking the same thing regarding the lack of concern over the grandchildren.

Valenchia Hershberger more than 2 years ago

What about the boys

Exactly...who grieved for the innocent

joanie 182 days ago

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