St. Louis Magazine's coverage of the Michael Brown case and protests in Ferguson, Mo.

Michael Brown’s mother Lezley McSpadden published a memoir about her son’s life. Now the Amazon customer review section has become a battleground between Brown’s detractors and Black Lives Matter activists. Read more


The civil rights suit comes after Ferguson altered a tentative agreement for overhauling the city’s police and courts that could cost the city more than $3 million in the first year. Read more


Fletcher was the chairman and driving force behind the “I Love Ferguson” campaign. Read more



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A local artist is calling others to join him in painting murals in the beleaguered St. Loui-area suburb, just like they did a year ago when violence erupted. Read more



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For St. Louisans, it’s impossible to ignore the similarities—and glaring differences—between protests stemming from racial turmoil in Missouri. Read more


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"Every 28 Hours" producer Jacqueline Thompson with St Louis actors Tiffany Knighten, Kenyatta Tatum and Reginald Pierre

A host of the country’s most celebrated playhouses are joining forces with local talent in a week-long collaboration culminating in a day of performance Saturday, October 24. Read more


Not many 8-year-old girls appear on the front page of The New York Times, walking with Cornel West moments before the black activist and author gets arrested. Actually, there is only one 8-year-old who has: Alice Dowd. Read more


Consolidating St. Louis’ abundance of police departments and courts is one among 47 priorities the group released in a long-awaited report Monday. Read more



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Harris’ father told St. Louis media that his son didn’t have a gun when St. Louis County Police detectives shot and injured him during Sunday’s protests in Ferguson. Read more



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The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office has reportedly charged two journalists representing the Washington Post and Huffington Post with allegedly trespassing and interfering with a police officer during last year’s unrest in Ferguson... Read more


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St. Louis County Police’s first night of policing the new wave of Ferguson protests ended with little violence and many arrests. Read more


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The shooting marked a bloody end to a peaceful day of protest marking the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Read more



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This Sunday, August 9, marks one year since Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson by former police officer Darren Wilson. The shooting and community response held the world’s attention and galvanized the #BlackLivesMatter movement... Read more


Here’s our list of the 10 most intriguing things we learned from the New Yorker’s in-depth profile of the reclusive former Ferguson Police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. Read more



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The Ferguson Municipal Public Library won the 2015 Library of the Year award bestowed by Gale and the Library Journal. Read more



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Students at McCluer South Berekley High School worked with artist-in-residence Norleen Nosri on a ceramics project that wasn’t just art for art’s sake. Read more

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Activists from the front lines of the Ferguson protests sent tips for how to resist tear gas, offer jail support, and share their stories in the media. Read more




Mary Ann Twitty is strikingly unapologetic about the racist emails she forwarded, saying she found them funny, “not because it was racist or biased, no. Just funny, joke-wise.” Read more


Voter turnout almost doubled in Ferguson compared to the last municipal election. For the first time in history, its city council will have three black members... Read more


In the seven or so months since the Michael Brown shooting, we’ve seen a little bit of change and a whole lot of “conversation.”... Read more