January 2006

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Just when Missouri’s bald eagle population was thriving again, the slaughter started By Don Corrigan Imagine shimmying up a 100-foot rope to a bird nest high above a rocky riverbank to band an eag... Read more

By Jennifer Dockery While making the Emmy-winning documentary The World’s Greatest Fair , directors Bob Miano and Scott Huegerich kept things local: They recruited volunteers through the 1904 World... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Photograph by J. Craig Sweat It’s a one-and-a-half-mile jog from the Sans Souci West mobile home park in Spokane, Wash., to St. Anthony’s Church and Rectory. It’s the kind of ... Read more

By Amber Schmisseur Admit it: You hate winter. When you think of the biting breeze and slushy snow that January brings, you feel a wave of dread. You’d rather be snuggled under your covers than bat... Read more

diner redux Got a taste for classic diner fare? The Retro Diner, Retro Breakfast and Retro Baking books will turn you into an old-fashioned short-order cook with recipes for scrumptious dishes like... Read more


With java and parties, Tymm’s is more than just a styling salon By Susan C. Thomson Photograph by Amber Schmisseur From the moment they leased the building that used to be Coco’s restaurant, at ... Read more

By Don Corrigan You don’t have to be totally evolved or even intelligently designed to be wowed by the range of issues our state legislators are willing to grapple with. Here’s a look at some of the... Read more

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By Christy Marshall Photograph by Anne Matheis For months, everywhere descendants of the Kammerer family went, people said the same thing: "I hate what they have done. I am so sorry." The Kammer... Read more

Chairman and CEO of McCormack Baron Salazar By Katie Connor | Photograph by Scott Rovak Richard Baron arrived in St. Louis in 1968, fresh out of law school and eager to make a difference. He’d gro... Read more

By Chris King Andrew Tolch—known in the art world as Andrew Torch—is a living, breathing, card-carrying Surrealist in regular contact with other declared Surrealists all over the world, writing comm... Read more

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As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland "We were slated to be a middle-class family," says Kathryn Nelson. "My daddy was a college graduate and worked for Ford and my mothe... Read more

By Stefene Russell All we know about these wild misses is that they hired Block Bros. to photograph their pajama party in December 1924. (Block Bros. had just opened a new studio at 3617 Grandel—now... Read more


By Alexi Zentner Niche, a lovely space in the Benton Park neighborhood, is a shining new addition to the St. Louis restaurant scene, which has been on a good run for the last year or so. Niche is in... Read more

By Thomas Crone When the popular Way Out Club left the intersection of Cherokee and Compton a half-decade back, the last thing anyone would have predicted was that the corner would become the nexus ... Read more