Remember Times Beach: The Dioxin Disaster, 30 Years Later

It's been 30 years since dioxin contamination was discovered in Times Beach, in one of the largest environmental disasters in our nation's history. The town is gone, but the people remain.


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Remembering Times beach, before and after the Dioxin Disaster, 34 years later

Times Beach....I lived there for only a short time in the late 70's, next to the police station in a house that had a defective propane heater. After a sort time of being "gassed" we moved to Robertsville, Mo. I had a friend whose family lived there on on of those streets that had fences on each side of the street and the street went past the community church and came out to the mobile home park that was near the 7-11 quick shop. Ray Hendricksons family lived there and Ray and myself did our share of junking cars at the property as well as "running the Beach". My first time there was in 1975 when I bought a burgundy front end (body parts) for a 1965 Impala SS from a guy named Witworth, close to the river, before you go under the bridge.I came to know people like Donnie Sowards, who drove a primer red-brown 57 chevy wagon, Randy Lindley in a green 66 Impala fastback, Emmit Copeland and Carol Copeland and Donnie Copeland, Mary Lou...Bud Hendrickson...and THIER to the question of...if the "government was trying to move people out of the flood zone, I've always heard stories about that from mt grandmother Edith Combs,who owned and operated Combs Twinn Rivers Park and Tavern near where there Merramac and Big river came together. She always said they were going to run those people out and make a park out of it, YEARS before it happened. That they would find some kind of excuse to run the poor people out of it and build a resort or a park there....I lived long enough to see it happen...I had been around "The Beach " long enough to have enjoy the feeling of the community there, and that is what I think a lot of us miss about it...I welcome any communication from any past residents about photos of " the Beach " or any one familiar with Edith, Tom or Dave Combs of Twinn Rivers Park and Tavern. And photos # is 928-821-5084, as I screen all calls, please leave a detailed message, so as to give you a return call...sincerely, James Marion

James (Jim) Marion more than 2 years ago

something about Times Beach and dioxin

i come from Viet Nam, i'm a Master and now i'm finding something about Times Beach with dioxin in past and now, how is change, can u give for me something i need: documents, video, picture,...let send to my mail:, thank so much.

trinh more than 2 years ago

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