September 2013

How Missouri flunked another civics test more

Think Again


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

You won’t always be able to go to Pan D’Olive. There are, simply put, enough homes within walking distance of it that sooner or later, this intimate, attractive space will become a “neighborhood” r... more

Restaurant Reviews


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Late each month, dining editor George Mahe posts a much-anticipated list on Relish, the magazine’s dining blog. It appears in print several weeks later, beside the restaurant listings at the back o... more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Although beer has been brewed in Belgium for a thousand years, it’s that country’s Trappist monks who deserve a keg of kudos for refining its many beer styles, including tripel (brewed with three t... more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Once upon a time, this town had plenty of little neighborhood eateries. Families—or maybe curmudgeonly bachelors—ran them, none of the wait staff dressed up, half of the customers were known by nam... more

We have all heard of wines that are big, rich, full-bodied, and even… fat . Most of us can infer what those types of wines would be: oaky chardonnay, old Grand Cru white Burgundy, white wines from ... more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Teranishi leather laptop case, $175. East + West, 205 N. Kirkwood, 314-835-1419, . Sunglasses, $20. Moris Men’s Shop, 226 N. Euclid, 314-361-6800, . Che... more



Photograph by Louis Block, courtesy of the Missouri History Museum

This year is a flash, a switchover, a bright scintillation on the sharp side of a needle. At Christmas, Queen Victoria travels to the Isle of Wight and begins to die; her son, Edward, is on the thr... more


28 exciting additions to St. Louis’ dining scene more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Even before Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s became the No. 1–rated show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Sweetie Pie’s was already the No. 1 choice for soul food in St. Louis. So when we heard the restaura... more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

The only thing St. Louis canonizes more fiercely than Gaslight Square is the World’s Fair, and Rocco Landesman has deep, familial connections to both. His grandfather Benjamin emigrated from German... more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Moris Fashions rebrands as Moris Men’s Shop, with a completely new vibe. more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Cha Boutique evolves, with new lines, airbrush tanning, and long-term plans. more


Photograph by Kevin Lowder

Amelia Rudolph, founder and artistic director of vertical dance ensemble Bandaloop, once explained that her dancers don’t just dance on buildings: “We specialize in dancing on buildings.” That ha... more


Photograph by Joshua Black Wilkins

The only area rock band booked onto this year’s LouFest lineup, Kentucky Knife Fight , kicks off the proceedings on Saturday, September 7, with a noon slot. It’s a nice high-profile gig—one much d... more


Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico." Courtesy of the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum

In February, five semis hauled out of Oklahoma City, rolling down Interstate 44 toward St. Louis. They weren’t carrying the usual stuff—aluminum extrusion or bags of lawn chemicals—but rather more ... more

Photography by Courtney Zahner more


A look at the the World Chess Hall of Fame’s “A Queen Within” exhibit more

From the last roar of the ’20s right past World War II, it was St. Louis—oh, and New York—that dressed the nation’s slimmest women. more



Photography by Alise O’Brien

Offices are all about Berber carpet, dropped ceilings, and oat-colored walls. Right? Well, they used to be. Arcturis principal Margaret McDonald says St. Louis’ new startup culture is rippling into... more