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How do you turn rambunctious toddlers into engaged students without stifling creativity? more



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Stephen Peirick's new comedy thriller was read and critiqued before being produced for the main stage, where it runs through June 24. more



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Set in rollicking jazz clubs in 1950s New York, the musical pulses with a live jazz ensemble and excellent singing. more


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Photo by Steve Truesdell

For kids, and those who simply want to feel the thrill and awe at seeing people flip, fly, and soar through the air with the greatest of ease, Circus Flora delivers again. more

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Courtesy of Shakespeare Festival-St. Louis

To make the transition from emojis to Elizabethan English a little easier, here's a handy guide. more

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Pumla (Jacqueline Thompson) interviews Eugene (Christopher Harris) in prison in Upstream Theatre’s "A Human Being Died That Night."

Upstream's new show looks at how, in post-Apartheid South Africa, right and wrong are twisted up and devilishly hard to separate. more


The play’s set was built by nine high school students under the supervision of union carpenters and painters as part of The Muny’s T3 (Technical Theatre Training) Program. more



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The roughly 90-minute play touches on many of Williams’s abiding themes—sexual repression, insanity, societal outcasts—but its primary concern is restlessness. more


When Geoff Myers was a student at Normandy High School, he had never taken a dance class. He ended up dancing professionally—and now oversees every last detail for the dance sequences in "The Lion King." more

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The play examines how the Industrial Revolution affected rural Ireland in the mid-20th century, using the interconnected lives of five sisters. more

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You probably know the show pays tribute to Motown records through the story of the label's founder, Berry Gordy. But here are 10 more things you probably don't know. more



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There is a reason that the ringside boxing ropes are around the entire theater and not just around the stage. "The Royale" is able to draw you into the fight. more


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It's all about audience participation—and making The Bard bawdy again. more



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From the early assertion that “life is what you do while you’re waiting to die,” through the penultimate song “I am free,” Zorba sells a vision of life that’s not necessarily new—but is extremely seductive. more


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Photograph courtesy of Max & Louie Productions

Alexis Roston's award-winning portrayal of Holiday first wowed audiences in Chicago. more



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Neil Labute's play pushes the audience into an uncomfortable situation, and won’t let it turn away. more



Cast of the Something Rotten! National Tour. © Jeremy Daniel

The musical is a lot of things—mostly, though, it's a lot of fun. more



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Ibsen's play lives and dies by the actress portraying Nora Helmer; in this production, Nicole Angeli shines in the role. more

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We talked to playwright Joanna Evans, who was in town to offer feedback during the play's rehearsals. more



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At turns funny and poignant, the award-winning show ruminates on gender identity, love, and sacrifice. For the uninitiated, here are a few facts about the gender-bending musical, which opens this weekend at the Peabody Opera House. more