August 2006

Boys of Summer By Stefene Russell Photo courtesy of Scott K. Williams, Florissant, Between roughly 1902 and 1950, ordinary folks would mail their film to Eastman Kodak... Read more


By Matthew Halverson “I really enjoy crawling around in people’s basements,” says Marc Lazar. Taken out of context, it’s the kind of statement that might earn a guy an eyeful of pepper spray. In a c... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland Sharon Frey was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth ... Pennsylvania. She’s not religious at all, these days—but she spends w... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Photographs by Katherine Bish Remember that slightly inebriated conversation you had in college about opening your own bar? You know, that drunken discussion that you ditched ... Read more

It’s been a stressful summer. You need to cut loose. Whether you want to shake off your worries or just shake up your Friday-night routine, we’ve got 21 iconic bars, enough range to suit any taste in atmosphere—and alcohol. Read more

Medical school’s dreary grind vanishes in the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center, which looks more like a luxe hotel than a university building Read more

Louis XIV used his purse more often than his sword, even buying the crown of thorns out of hock from the Venetians By David Linzee Photograph by Ashley Heifner August 25 is the feast day of St. ... Read more

Missouri’s stem-cell debate is shattering old alliances—and forging some unexpected new ones By David Linzee and Christy Marshall Stem cells are especially good at dividing. They’re dividing the R... Read more

Maryland Plaza Comes Back to Life Think the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. The Plaza Major in Madrid. The Place de Vosges in Paris. Now think Maryland Plaza. We’re only slightly over-stating. The Europea... Read more

Since opening Mad Art Gallery in a vintage Art-Deco police station in Soulard six years ago, former St. Louis County police officer Ron Buechele has busted our assumptions about what a gallery is supposed to be—arcane, outré or chi-chi—and dispatched them straight to the slammer. Read more

A game show’s open casting call shakes up the nuts By Sarah Truckey Photograph courtesy of NBC Universal Among the 5,000 lovers of free money who showed up at East St. Louis’ Casino Queen earlie... Read more

Clayton, Carolyn Downs, Mike Johnson, Cyrano's, Mike Johnson, Muscovy duck breast, spinach-artichoke dips, fondue, restaurant Read more

Communes, free love … alternative consciousness? This debut is anything but “light” reading By René Spencer Saller Photograph by Stefan Poag New Light , Annette Gilson’s debut novel, is the story ... Read more

Re-enactors keep it real—and civil—in Midtown By Daniel Durchholz Photograph by Joe Neulle It was that riotous recluse (and obvious history buff) Axl Rose who once asked the musical question “Wh... Read more

Queer Eye ’s grooming guru takes aim at an editor’s features By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Mark Gilliland I wouldn’t normally sweat a guy’s appraisal of my appearance, but when Kyan Douglas... Read more

The great debate over retiring No. 51 By Gabriel Kiley Should Willie McGee’s number be retired by the St. Louis Cardinals? Does it matter that McGee isn’t a Hall of Famer? The fervent debate conti... Read more

Five slightly snarky tips for celebrity journalists in training By Matthew Halverson Photograph courtesy of Warren Cowen Public Relations We’ve always aspired to be red-carpet mic-wavers, so whe... Read more

Steve Davis loves us so tender, who cares if he ain’t the real thing? By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Katherine Bish Standard costume-party operating procedure dictates that you hang up your ... Read more

St. Louis had its own European-style mineral spa for more than 70 years By Bryan A. Hollerbach Even in these cosmopolitan times, the term “spa” still sounds exotic, conjuring mental images of the ... Read more

On Michael Aaron McAllister’s to-do list for 2006: Eve, Coco Chanel, Richard Nixon, Charles Darwin, Anne Frank, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Marie Antoinette and his mother ... but not necessarily in that order. Read more