May 2011


Photographs by Whiteny Curtis

David Clewell is serious but not solemn Read more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Edward Lekosky tells all on the Mississippi River. Read more

Ever spot the rock on a plinth at Broadway and Mound Street and wonder what it is? It’s the site of Big Mound, the last of the Native-American mounds to be leveled on the North Side. Read more


Photograph by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis district

Tours By Helicopter: Based just south of the Eads Bridge, Gateway Helicopter Tours affords eagle’s-eye views of the river (starting at $35). By Kayak: Big Muddy Adventures’ single-day trips explore ... Read more

There’s Mark Twain, of course. Herman Melville’s The Confidence-Man , a sort of Canterbury Tales on the river. T.S. Eliot’s “strong brown god—sullen, untamed, and intractable,” and Langston Hughes’... Read more


Photograph courtesy of Ed Lekosky

A look back at the history of the Mississippi River Read more



Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

“You get to see the sun rise and set every day,” says lock-and-dam operator Blaine Napier. “This is where I’ll end my career.” Read more



Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation and Danny Brown

Wildlife roams its banks, swim through its currents, and soars high above. Read more


Photograph courtesy of courtesy of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Reconnecting with the Mississippi Read more

Riverfront rivals Read more

This American Life Mention “The Big Three” today, and most sports fans envision the Miami Heat. At one time, though, the term referred to baseball’s greats: Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, and Stan... Read more


Mummy Mask of the Lady Ka-Nefer-Nefer, Collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum

We love the Saint Louis Art Museum. We go out of our way to avoid scrutiny from the Department of Homeland Security. And we try never to tick off an Egyptologist—they know all the best curses. But whe... Read more


Photo by Kevin A. Roberts

Necessary Luxury: Fresh flowers, specifically tulips. Home Accessory: Pillows; a faux-mink throw. Coffee Maker: An Illy Francis Francis X5 espresso machine. China: A motley crew. Stationery: ... Read more


Illustration by Ryan Snook

Vat19 builds a small online empire with its monstrous gummy bears and wacky YouTube videos. Read more


Image Courtesy of Washington University

For 131 years, the books sat quietly at Washington University. Then two scholars put together enough pieces to realize they’d just found 74 books from Thomas Jefferson’s personal library. In 1815, aft... Read more

In Brooklyn and Chicago, apartment galleries are everywhere. They get reviewed in the paper, even the ones that last only a year. But they are a necessity: Young artists and curators in big cities can... Read more

Spring can really hang you up the most Read more

What to get when the heat is on Read more


The sun was shining, tails were wagging and a good time was had by all while raising money for the Humane Society of Missouri! Read more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Fine dining in Ladue Read more

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