May 2008

A peek behind the curtain at one of St. Louis’ best-loved musical theater companies Read more

There's a new chef in the kitchen in Maryland Plaza. Eric Kelly dishes on changes at ~scape. Read more

After the February 7 shootings at the Kirkwood City Hall, a few extremists angered the rest of the world by calling the shooter a hero. But there was plenty of real heroism at the Kirkwood City Hall... Read more

After Kirkwood’s third tragedy in rapid succession, cracks in the community’s façade widened Read more

Is the story of Cookie Thornton a story about race? Not to the white officials who were involved. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Ever find home in a place you've never been? Ever smell nostalgia the instant you pass through a brand-new door? Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

For many St. Louisans, Lumière Place was a "Where is it?" mystery until they flipped on those lights. Four months and six restaurants later, the evaluation may begin. Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

Forget the hand crank—The Gramophone has taken the effort out of the search for a diverse live music offering in St. Louis Read more


Photograph by Mark Gilliland

Put the defibrillator away—St. Louis' club scene needs no artificial resuscitation Read more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

Part consultant, part cheerleader, Karen Hoffman aims to help area businesses grow—one idea at a time Read more


Photographs by Frank Di Piazza

With the publication this month of <i>Vanishing America</i>, collecting three decades of his photographs, Michael Eastman reflects on receiving greater international recognition, what it took to earn it and why it was worth the wait Read more

But they want manly ones—at least according to a new "For Guys Only" registry Read more

And you probably never will. No matter how many times J.C. Corcoran tries to sink himself, the rabble-rouser of local radio always comes back Read more


Photograph courtesy of Lori Coulter

That dreadful experience that marks the beginning of summer doesn't have to be so dreadful after all Read more

Who says you can't fight the power—and have a little fun while you do it? Read more

In the initial shock, it seemed simple: Cookie Thornton had gone crazy. Then people started commenting, and it seemed even simpler: A black man had gotten fed up with bigotry and taken revenge. Then explanations started coming, and nothing was simple at all Read more

You can travel across the country, carrying your laptop from one Starbucks to the next, and never know where you are. Or you can stay in St. Louis and rack up a long list of experiences so quirky, so rooted in this place, so delightful and so inimita Read more

50 Must Do's


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

Woman, priest, excommunicant Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Are ambitious and inventive dishes enough to overcome hiccups in service at this stylish Clayton spot? Read more

Restaurant Reviews

This trainer at Kaldi's downtown roasterie will slug it out in Minneapolis May 2-5 at the National Barista Championship Read more