May 2007

By Adam Scott Williams Photograph by Katherine Bish There’s a new stop to make along Cherokee Street’s Antique Row: the Mississippi Mud House, the renovated incarnation of what was once the Odd Shop, ... Read more


Photograph by Bob Arteaga

Eight decades after that famous flight, the complicated ghost of Lucky Lindy still inhabits the city Read more

By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish No, it’s no misprint. We really are taking a “First Look” at a 35-year-old classic. With new restaurants popping up quicker than skimpy halter tops in sum... Read more

By Katie Pelech The trouble with trends isn’t that they’re hard to identify (loiter at a magazine stand for an hour and you’ll be all caught up) or difficult to find (Plaza Frontenac? It’s just off Hi... Read more

By Stefanie Ellis Photograph by Katherine Bish It’s May. Jackets are out. The words “air” and “conditioning” are in. It’s St. Louis. It’s summer. It’s hot. Call the fire chief. What could possibly te... Read more

By Katie Pelech Photographs by Katherine Bish True success in high school is attained through academic achievement, admission to one’s college of choice and engagement in extracurricular activities th... Read more


By Katie Pelech Photograph by Frank Di Piazza As an assistant buyer for Macy’s Midwest, Madeline Fraser is required to know what’s trendy and hip. It’s only to be expected, then, that she be both. But... Read more

True bistros are hard to come by around here, so let’s hope that this one survives By Dave Lowry Photograph by Katherine Bish The stretch of Meramec between Maryland and Forsyth is a vicious, swirling... Read more

By Joe Pollack When you were little, maybe slightly chubby, did you have a knack for making people laugh? Your parents, of course, and your grandparents, aunts and uncles were easy marks. They laughed... Read more

By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish In the saucy world of barbecue, he’s known as “the Legend.” Not a legend— the legend. When St. Louis expat Danny Meyer opened Blue Smoke in New York, Mik... Read more

Painter and musician Dana Smith finds his inspiration in rock ‘n’ roll By Thomas Crone Image courtesy of Dana Smith For the past few years, artist Dana Smith has advertised his shows with a few delica... Read more

Onegin Publishing, a brand-new imprint specializing in African-American literature, begins with a bang—and three very different titles By Steve Pick Photograph by Mark Gilliland “In my opinion,” says ... Read more

By Rose Martelli Photograph by Katherine Bish “Hang On Sloopy” plays loudly over the speakers, and it seems appropriate. At After 24 Hour Diner & Games, which sits adjacent to the Atomic Cowboy on Man... Read more

Festival season has officially arrived, with some oldies, some goodies and an amphibious anomaly There’s nothing like that first Day-Glo spring day, when you can’t recall the color of dead grass and a... Read more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

One of the nation's finest alternative schools is here in St. Louis—and it gets results Read more


Photograph by Peter Newcomb

In the shadow of a state takeover and political infighting over the fate of education in the city, four educators are giving students the one thing they need most: stability. Read more


Rendering courtesy of Stephen Stimson Associates and the HOK Planning Group

Savvy planners at Forest Park Forever heard the wails of outrage over their zigzag plan for Government Hill and quickly revamped the design. Now everybody’s happy. Read more

As these impassioned arts educators know, the practice of painting, throwing pottery or singing centuries-old choral pieces will enrich students’ future lives—even if those kids choose law school over American Idol auditions Read more

Lucy Smith Lucy Smith just might be the only high-school student in St. Louis who could make Oprah look like a slacker. She may not have opened a girl’s school in Africa, but if you gave her a month, ... Read more


St. Louis native Brian Hohlfeld leads a nervous bear into the third dimension Read more