June 2007

Minty Cool By Stefene Russell Photograph courtesy of the Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collection On gummy, languorous summer days, folks evacuated their brick four-family flats for t... Read more


As told to Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland “I picked up drums from my brother, picked up working on cars from my brother, hung out with my brother’s friends,” says Ben Monroe. “Seemed... Read more

Her Life In The Trees By Jeannette Cooperman Inching her way up a nylon rope—pull feet up, stand up, move to the next segment, sit down, pull feet up, touch the tree’s bark to brace—“Kaya,” 21, starte... Read more

Gotham City and Metropolis can keep their clichés—St. Louis is flying high in the edgy world of alternative comics By Cliff Froehlich Collaborative illustration by—and featuring—Kevin Huizenga, Dan Ze... Read more

Northern? Southern? Eastern? Western? St. Louis is all—and none—of the above By Elizabeth Armstrong Hall When I moved to St. Louis in the 1970s, I knew only that it was on the Mississippi River and “i... Read more

For more than a decade Tony Davis has been the willing silent partner in the vast, horizontally diversified enterprise known as Nelly. But now he’s ready to talk … sort of. Or at least he should want ... Read more

Roller Girl By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Peter Newcomb Poor Buffy. That superstrong, ultrablond slayer of all things bloodsucking used to be Amy Whited’s favorite after-work guilty pleasure. (It... Read more

Hitting the high notes in Santa Fe By Diana Lambdin Meyer The reds, browns and golds of the Sangre de Cristo (“Blood of Christ”) Mountains in northern New Mexico pop to life under a shimmering blue sk... Read more

Sportswriter Matt Crossman defines cool as “not giving a rip what other people think”—and his car’s the proof There’s nothing cooler than a man and his car. A man and his red car. A man and his re... Read more

By Ellen F. Harris Dr. Linda Fisher was digging in the archives of the Missouri Historical Society Library in the early 1990s, looking for clues to how public-health officials handled the cholera outb... Read more

How a St. Louis transplant embarked upon the unlikeliest of film series By Sarah Truckey Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Plenty of pioneers have come to St. Louis with grandiose visions of opening a clu... Read more

By Sarah Truckey The summer I spent in Spain was the best summer of my life. MTV over there actually played music videos, the massive amount of food I consumed somehow made me skinnier, I discovered t... Read more

If you want to spend some time with Devon Allman, you need to be his bus driver or a Gibson guitar. The Current is neither, but we wanted to know what life’s like on the road for the Southern-fried, s... Read more

St. Louis stencil artist Peat Wollaeger breaks down his latest (caffeinated) project By Thomas Crone Peat Wollaeger has had a busy year. In March, the spray paint–and–stencil artist put his mark on Sa... Read more

The claws come out at an open audition for the Gateway Grizzlies’ mascot By Matt Crossman Illustration by Ryan Greis I  want to be Izzy the Grizzlie. All around me, people are laughing at the semipro ... Read more

The Loop’s spirits are lifted all summer long by the Sounds of Joy By Tony Piff Photograph by Mike DeFilippo An electrified crowd fills the side-walk and overflows into Friday-night traffic at Ackert ... Read more

The story of why it took nearly two years to make a 10-minute movie By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Sarah Carmody Some things—like money and legitimate fame—can take a little while to come by in th... Read more

D.J. Wilson imagines a world in which the St. Louis Hawks didn't send Bill Russell to Boston, Russell brought hoops glory to St. Louis—and the city became the center of the basketball universe. Read more

Thurman Grill & Provisions is an eatery probably best enjoyed by those who arrive on foot. Nestled in the Shaw neighborhood, among the quiet residential streets north of Tower Grove Park, it has culinary ambitions as modest as its environs. Read more


Photograph by Sarah Carmody

William Morris meets Philip Morris in Max Key’s “large and loud” paintings Read more