June 2006

By Stefene Russell It’s a food fight: A McDonald’s franchise on South Grand is up for renewal, and the current owner must rebuild, move or shutter. 15th Ward Alderwoman Jennifer Florida is dead set ... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland He remembers the Jeep ride to the Seoul airport when he was 7, bouncing next to his twin brother, both excited beyond words. His ne... Read more

By Chris King With the late-February opening of Lafayette Park’s Square One Brewery, the Schlafly brewpubs have met their strongest local competition. Square One sports an unpretentious and modern a... Read more

Agent provocateur and hairstylist at D-Zine Photograph by Sarah Carmody We asked the Loop’s star clipper and style savant for his take on the latest trends—which ones are silly, which make sense, ... Read more

By Margaret Bauer Those checking out downtown galleries in the Loft District during the second week of June may also catch a sight strongly resembling performance art—a flock of red-hatted, purple-s... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Twangfest—St. Louis’ little Americana music festival that could—turns 10 this month, and the party will sport the standard celebratory flourishes: a retrospective slide show, co... Read more

As told to Lynnda Greene Sam Stang blew his first trademark bowls, vases and large art pieces right here in St. Louis at Ibex, the legendary glass studio he opened with two friends 20 years ago. From ... Read more

A clockmaker stays in one place for half a century, repairing the rhythm of our lives By Aaron Belz I’m wearing a watch that wouldn’t have much value to you: a $50 Seiko purchased at Filene’s Base... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Ivy Magruder has a “fresh” fetish. Get him talking about the menu, ingredients—heck, even the smells—at Vin de Set, and he can drop the word approximately 416 times in 15 minute... Read more

By Steve Pick If you’ve ever met Rick Wood, you’ve heard him laugh—a high-pitched bellow, sometimes punctuated by gasps. He’s a person who finds humor, or at least whimsy, in almost any situation. I... Read more

Talking urination and misinformation with Soulard’s Ken Ortmann By James Nicholson  St. Louis alderman and bar owner Ken Ortmann watched his two jobs come together this winter when news of his pro... Read more

A model, actress and stylist plays the ultimate fashion game By Christy Marshall Wherever Katy Maak Yelkencioglu goes, she turns heads. Wherever she’s been, she’s shown up in the newspaper. In New... Read more

As artists from all over the world converge on St. Louis for the Glass Art Society’s annual conference, it’s not just kilns heating up Though legend has it that glass was invented when some clueless... Read more

By Alexi Zentner No, it is not a Jell-O cafeteria. The Gelateria is essentially a funky espresso bar that serves gelato (think ice cream but denser, softer and packed with more flavor), soup and san... Read more

By Jeannette Batz Cooperman Brandy Pinol always wore what she loved. “It was hard in school; I got teased a lot,” she says. “People just didn’t get me.” She ignored them, grew up and got a job in ma... Read more

By Christy Marshall The days of KMOX and the old Mike Shannon’s Steaks & Seafood are gone. Now the player turned play-by-play-er airs from a new station and holds court on Fridays after home games a... Read more

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland shaken, not stirred Want the perfect martini? Start with these smoky rocks glasses for one part modern cool. Add a retro-chic inlaid mother-of-pearl tr... Read more


And is she St. Louis’ next hip-hop phenom? By Matthew Halverson When Penelope Jones gets nervous or excited—which happens a lot these days—her eyes get wide and she cocks her head to the side and ... Read more

Chevy Chase's summer vacation had its own charm, but these ideas are easier on the nerves Read more

Charleston, S.C. has maintained its old-world charm with antebellum homes, historic churches and lush parks filled with live oaks. In its 2005 “World’s Best” poll, Travel + Leisure readers ranked Charleston one of the six most appealing destinations in the United States. Here’s a quick must-see-and-do list to make your stay unforgettable. Read more