July 2005

Chile is the longest, narrowest country in the world, stretching 2,600 miles from its hot and dry northern tip to the permanent glaciers of Antarctica and Patagonia. more

What do dogs need from us? Leadership, with calm, consistent direction and appreciative praise. You must send a clear message and mean it with all your heart. more

Sports - So Taguchi, Cardinal Outfielder. more

Wei Hong Seafood Restaurant features Chinese cuisine so authentic your Aunt Dot wouldn't touch it. more

Across the river, O'Fallon's population is quietly exploding. more

The high design you can buy on washington avenue is itself an architectural triumph. more

The black rep owes a debt to an older organization--one that flourished in the midst of the burgeoning civil-rights movement and whose lessons still have much to teach us. more

By Alexi Zentner Photograph by Katherine Bish There are entire swaths of the country where custard is an unknown quantity. In St. Louis, throw a stick and you will hit a custard stand. Frozen-custard ... more

By Alexi Zentner Photograph by Katherine Bish Although the name and some of the cool and surprisingly fine art on the walls will make you think of a certain band, the Grateful Inn is actually an "I us... more

Crown Candy Kitchen Harry Karandzieff came to the United States from Macedonia in 1911. His American dream was a sweet one: With partner Pete Jugaloff, he transformed a vacant storefront at the corner... more


As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland Ursula Goodenough's father was an agnostic fascinated by the religious impulse. He taught the history of religion at Yale University, a... more

By Alexi Zentner Photograph by Katherine Bish Although the chocolate is good, the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company does not actually have the best chocolate in town (though it does have the best ... more

Paul Guyot's Hollywood fantasy comes true—and then he starts dreaming about St. Louis more

At least the evolution fight is keeping the legislators awake By Anya Litvak As the evolution controversy boiled in Kansas in front of a national audience, Missouri hosted its own simmering debate at ... more

Local screenwriters get their chance to make it big By Traci Angel Los Angeles may be some 1,600 miles from St. Louis, but Cinema St. Louis is doing its best to bring the two cities together. Now in i... more

This workout will strip the boredom from your exercise routine By Jennifer Dulin Tucked away in the basement of P.E.C. Studios on Manchester, students, housewives and grandmothers watch attentively as... more

Is it a rave or a vintage clothing sale? By Thomas Crone When you buy clothing at Rock Star Rags, you work methodically. First you find the warehouse it calls home, located in a somewhat downtrodden ... more

By Meisha Fortner Want to make your child’s next birthday take off? Try Little Pilots, a local company that will bring the restored cockpit of an F-4 Phantom jet to your next shindig. Joe and Michell... more

Artificial insemination could make the difference for endangered wolf species By Traci Angel Dr. Sue Lindsey works the overnight shift, attending to baby Mexican gray wolves at the Wild Canid Survival... more

Archeologist Michael Trimble leads the way to justice in Iraq By Traci Angel In the blazing heat of the Iraqi desert, archaeologists and forensic specialists lower themselves into a pit, then sort thr... more