Jeannette Cooperman


Staff writer Jeannette Cooperman has interviewed murderers, artists, polo players, brain surgeons, and heroin addicts...and she's learned not to generalize. Her articles on social trends and injustices, interesting people, grisly crimes, and intense subcultures have won awards from the City & Regional Magazine Association, National Medical Writers Association, National Education Writers Association, National Mental Health Association, National Black Journalists Association, National Gay and Lesbian Journalism Association, and Missouri School of Journalism. She made the Folio:100 list in 2017, "the best and brightest in the magazine industry" nationwide, and was named Magazine Writer of the Year in the 2016, 2014, and 2012 Great Plains Journalism Awards. The author of five books, Cooperman holds a Ph.D. in American studies and has been published on Al Jazeera America and in O Magazine, Glamour, Family Circle, Bark, and several anthologies and journalism textbooks. She and her husband, a historian, live with Louie, an overeager standard poodle, in a 1917 house in Waterloo, Illinois.

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