December 2008

35 and Then Some Thank you for “The 35 Best Restaurants in St. Louis—and One Restaurant of the Year” (October 2008). I am always looking for new and exciting places to dine, and most of the time, I am... Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Winter Wonderland, a signing Santa, and more Read more

To “elope” sounds romantic, with a dash of carnival ride—not elegant or cummerbund formal. Read more



Photograph by Whitney Curtis

Inside the gentlest creative mind in St. Louis Read more


Photograph Courtesy of The Magic House

A sneak peek inside the new and improved Magic House Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

Artist Sandra Marchewa curates one of St. Louis’ tiniest—but most clever and accessible—galleries Read more


Photograph by Lisa Dartt

Expat St. Louisan and former Streetside Records exec Tom Lunt is running the coolest record company in the country: Numero Group, which reissues the best soul, power pop and folk you’ve never heard Read more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

The Black Artists’ Group Trio calls it quits this month, but BAG II will live on—and so will free jazz in St. Louis By Byron Kerman Read more


Photographs by Virginia Lee Hunter

Bill Jakob arrived in Gerald, Mo., earlier this year with a badge, guns and a promise to put the small town’s drug dealers behind bars. Today, Jakob’s the one facing jail time Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

Owner, Jamieson Design Read more



Illustration by Christopher Arnold

A Muslim woman, her Catholic grandmother and their overlapping lives Read more


Photograph by Sarah Conard

Centuries ago, horrified purists at l’Académie Française scolded the rural French away from speaking blunt, colorful Old French. But the language survived in Missouri, and a young fiddler’s keeping it alive Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

Karilyn Ashley Surratt Read more

It might be easy to call 2008 a year of disappointment for St. Louisans, considering everything from the highway’s shutdown to the brewery’s sellout. But we decided to make lemonade out of proverbial lemons by taking a look at the upside to this year’s potential downers. Read more


Illustration by Ryan Greis

Test your St. Louis savviness with a wintertime quiz Read more

Broomball takes the ice at local rinks Read more


Second Life Photograph Courtesy SLCVC

Is virtual St. Louis all it’s contrived to be? Read more

If you're anything like me, your Decembers in St. Louis are a mix of public traditions and more private, family-tailored ones. Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

We are now a city of pancetta at 3 a.m Read more

Despite their increasing popularity, sparkling wines—what I call “bubbles”—are still reserved mostly for special occasions. Read more