December 2007

Katie Strasheim, Sophia Saleeby

Photograph by David Brody

Horses' hooves thundered over the cool grass of Chesterfield's Smith McGehee Polo Field this chilly September afternoon as spectators cheered and sipped wine on the sidelines. Known since antiquity ... more


Photographs by Tim Parker and Pete Newcomb

City dignitaries and casino execs threw a giant novelty light switch to light up Lumière’s distinctive green-glass tower, setting off the largest rooftop fireworks display in the city’s history. Gue... more

Photographs courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society’s Photograph and Prints Collection, the Saint Louis Art Museum, SIUE, MICDS It’s not always the politico with the nuclear handshake and the thre... more

Windows, 1.0 more


In an interview shortly before her death, Cuesta Benberry explained her life's quest: gathering patterns, blocks of fabric and remnants of memory that would change the world's understanding of African-American quilts more

As told to Sarah Truckey Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Born with cerebral palsy in Cairo, Egypt, in 1963, Sam Malek arrived in the United States five years later accompanied by his father. The two cam... more

Maplewood-Richmond Heights' superintendent speaks on tough issues. more

Duck Tongue Duck tongues, like bedsheets, are a lot about texture. Stir-fried with scallions, ginger and hot pepper, ya-tzi (be warned: the word is also Mandarin slang for a male prostitute) tongue ... more

We asked nearly a dozen St. Louisans to recount for us their brushes with death, out-of-the-ordinary experiences, and extraordinary jobs. Here's what they told us. more

In Missouri during the American Civil War, the connections forged by family, church and neighborhood would be erased with a single question: Union or Secesh? more

The Christmas tree's biggest fans are getting aggressive this year more

Dear Hollywood: Why stop at turning 3 Nights in August into one movie when you can go for a cinematic triple play? more

Behold, breakfast's new behemoth more

Mopeds are the hip transport du jour in River City. Here's how to not let the winter weather put on the brakes. more

After visiting a big city like, say, New York, one is reminded that St. Louis is quaint—and, in its own little way, better than such large sprawls of humanity. more


Photograph by Ginger Garvey

You've read our St. Louis history feature, 100 People Who Shaped St. Louis—now test your mental mettle against our quiz. 1. Which St. Louis sports team was originally known as the Cleveland Spiders? A... more

You may have heard of a lot of the other folks in our December history feature ("100 People Who Shaped St. Louis"), but you may not have heard of these By Martha K. Baker Rebecca Naylor Hazard She cam... more

Though we call powerful figures “forces of nature,” nothing shapes a city like actual natural forces. At times (like the mid-19th century) St. Louis’ history has read like one of the lighter passages ... more

The profits from this little side-street café off the Loop go to benefit AIDS education in Africa more

In an era when rapid expansion often kills a promising restaurant concept, Harinder Singh has wisely gone the other direction. more