Wall Street Journal: St. Louis Is the Top Sports City in 2015

Despite what Rams owner Stan Kroenke says, St. Louis is the best sports city in America, according to a new ranking.




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Very misleading

There us absolutely no way that St. Louis is even in the conversation of being a spirts town outside of baseball. No way its bigger than New York, Chicago ( Go Blackhawks and Cubby's), or the best sports town..San Francisco Bay Area...with an NBA championship, 2014 WS Championship, three winning NCAA Bowl Winners this year in San Jose St, Cal and Stanford...not to mention the fact that despite two baseball teams, two football teams, hockey, a championship NBA team, and 5 division I college teams, the pro sports teams still sell out. That's dedication...that's a true sport town

Luke more than 1 year ago


fucking tool bag

Clittenberg more than 1 year ago


Nice come back pal. Do you want to know what offends me about St. Louis? It's a city stuck in first gear.. a lot of bluster, but no action thanks to the conservative politics run behind the scenes by the Bogey Club bullies. I visit St. Louis often for personal reasons and for over 25 years, the city is basically the same today as it was in 1990. No new development anywhere...and don't think building a baseball stadium or a shopping mall is development. It's not. Where's the sustainable growth that employs the next civic contributors and leaders? Come to San Francisco and see what that is like. Thanks to civic minded tech corporations, there are more high rises under construction in the metro area abd in downtown than there are finished high rises in your entire metro area combined. This is an area that not only embraces change...it demands it. St. Louis is a status quo city and to a businessman like Mr. Kroenke, he is making a great economic decision by going to the L.A. market where at least he can hob nob (or whatever rich men from Missouri do) with other leaders who embrace progress. Maybe this Rams departure will be the wakening call your city needs. Sports teams do not define a city. Look at Portland...a great city with one pro sports franchise. Seattle, a powerful and robust city with only two teams. St. Louis lives the past and as my dad used to say...Those who live in the past...are destined to have no future.

Luke more than 1 year ago


But only the rich can afford to live in San Francisco. The middle class can't.

Hye more than 1 year ago

It's all relative

It's more expensive, yes...but on average, Bay Area residents make much, much more money as well. It all evens out.

Luke more than 1 year ago

Not really

It doesn't all even out. Especially if you live in the city of San Fran. We moved away from SF a few years ago because of not only cost of living. But poor public schools, traffic, crime, taxes. SF is a nice city, don't get me wrong, but if you have kids and want to live in a decent home, you better be making a nice income. Even with $175+ a year between my wife and I, we sometimes felt like we were struggling. Miss the weather, but that is about it.

RBW more than 1 year ago

See the stats.

Jealous much Luke? We're used to it. No offense taken.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Poorly Written, and misleading

I'm from STL. I want the Rams to stay. And, I think STL is a good sports city. That being said, using "win percentage" is such a bad way to determine "best sports city." There are 10x as many baseball games and 5x as many hockey games as football games. That disproportionately values baseball (my favorite sport) success, as well as hockey's. Further, the more important numbers would be the support from the fans (attendance and TV ratings, for example), not the teams' success for a year.
My biggest issue is with the statement "[e]ven without a basketball team, St. Louis stands firmly in first place, with a .622 average winning percentage." Not having a basketball team doesn't bolster the argument that STL is the best sports city. As noted, winning percentage is an AVERAGE, not an aggregate number of wins. Not having a basketball team will generally favor our win % in this scenario, since the assumption should be that the team would have about a 50% win rate over 82.
I understand that it's popular to pander to St. Louisans' right now given their discontent with Kroenke, but the success of our other sports teams is borderline irrelevant.
Also, focusing on the city's love of our baseball team actually supports most proponents' case for moving our team ("STL is a baseball town! They don't care about football and won't support it.").
Kroenke still blows, though.

Craig more than 1 year ago

RE: mention of KC

Seriously? Soccer is not a major sport. LOL Actually, I concede there are a lot of people that do like soccer but nowhere near the audience for NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA. Aside from maybe David Beckahm (sp?) do you really think the average person off the street could name you ONE professional soccer player?

Eric more than 1 year ago


You do realize Soccer is the most popular sport in the entire world, right?

Andrew more than 1 year ago

Re: (sorry, Kansas City)

No need to be sorry, St. Louis... we're happy just having all our store windows intact and QuikTrips pumping gas instead of being swept into ash-bins. Oh, also, World Series and NFL playoffs. No bigs though.

80hd more than 1 year ago

World Series wins

and how many World SERIES has K.C.won now? oh yeah.....2....

lowmax more than 1 year ago

World Series wins

2, one earned and 1 given

Mike Shad more than 1 year ago

Bad Article Title

The winning percentage of the three teams has nothing to do with market viability. This just has to do with how good the teams are. Don't try and make it more than it is.

Walkie more than 1 year ago

Fine Article Title

According to the WSJ article he read the title is fine. What u have a problem with is the way that the WSJ conducted their research.

Brady more than 1 year ago

RE: Fine Article Title

I believe Walkie was talking about the title of this article, and he's absolutely correct. The WSJ is talking strictly in terms of winning percentage. The owner wants to move the team for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with winning percentage. This article is comparing apples to oranges.

Ryan Gibson more than 1 year ago

Mention of KC

I believe KC does have 3 major sports teams, MLB, NFL, MLS!!!

B more than 1 year ago


It's funny because they don't have a soccer team. If we count MLS, oh would you look at that KC would trump STL in overall win percentage. Face it, STL we're taking you over.

Andrew more than 1 year ago

"taking us over"

you will NEVER take us over....oh btw , what happened to your first baseball team? oh and how's your hockey team doing?........oh that's right...they both moved to California because you wouldn't support them.....

lowmax more than 1 year ago

Really.....I feel sorry for you

You honestly believe St. Louis is a better city. You don't think it's a dying city. Your population is dropping every year and that's a fact. So kc might have had some teams move away 20-30 years ago but at least our people aren't running away from the city. If you really think St. Louis is a great place to live then I don't think you have ever left the city. It is in the top 10 most dangerous cities. St. Louis is on par with Oakland and Detroit. So if you really believe St. Louis is a better place then Kansas City you have to be insane.

JA more than 1 year ago

It is...a better city

It IS a better city. Do you live here? Then you do not know. Keep quiet. We don't need and do not want any sympathy from you JA. Or anyone else. KC has it's problems. I've been there. Don't paint it all pretty and sweet. It's not.

Karen more than 1 year ago


Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants this article "permanently removed" from the internet. agsaf.org/how-to-terminate-the-inglewood-stadium-project

Apparently, he's unfamiliar with sophisticated technology... like copy and paste.

Eric Saferstein more than 1 year ago


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