Why People Want an Aquarium, Not a Football Stadium, on the St. Louis Riverfront

Strange Folk Festival founder Autumn Wiggins says St. Louis would be better off with a world-class aquarium than an NFL stadium on the riverfront, and her idea is catching on.



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I have concerns about what kinds of marine life will be featured in this aquarium. Dolphins are highly intelligent, socially complex animals that even the best facilities (such as SeaWorld) struggle to keep alive for even a fraction of their life expectancies in the wild. I've seen others express the same concern about whether or not dolphins are planning on being displayed. Hopefully, you'll choose not to display these magnificent animals. I'm really proud to live in a state where no cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) are held in marine parks.

Lilli more than 1 year ago


The article failed to mention Chicago's Shedd Aquarium on the MM. It is awesome. I'm for an aquarium on the riverfront. If you don't have salt water in it you could put the fish of the Mississippi, although I find most of them sort of ugly unlike saltwater fish.

Pam Williams more than 1 year ago

NASCAR speedway in place of stadium

NASCAR is family fun and brings in lots of jobs and money

Kathi more than 1 year ago

I would love to see this!

I am not a sports fan and a rarely go downtown but this is an awesome idea! I would love to see an exhibit partnered with MDC showing an underwater view of the Mississippi minus the trash and mud of course so you can actually see the fish, lol. How cool would be to see a huge blue cat swimming overhead!

Joseph more than 1 year ago

Grassroots Aquarium Project

Check out Wave Aquarium... a small group of dedicated professionals are exploring the idea of an aquarium however, funding is still the major obstacle.

Capt. Rib more than 1 year ago

Missouri Aquarium Society is here!

We have been around since 1959 and we are so happy this is coming up again. THANK YOU AUTUMN. Our club is over 100 strong. We do fish rescue, we have active breeding programs for fish and propagation programs for plants. We run a CARES program where we take care of fish going extinct in the wild. www.missouriaquariumsociety.com

Kathy Deutsch more than 1 year ago

Out of space

I started thinking about this when I got down to my last six feet of wall space in my basement. Personally, I'd lay it out as a Fuller Projection map and build it underneath the lake in Forest Park. Have each ecosystem in their own appropriate area of the map. It'd be right next to the zoo, the map projection ties into the science center, and God knows I can't fit many more fish in my basement. (Also, you could do a neat sort of reverse glass bottom boat thing, with a glass ceiling looking up at the native ecosystem from below... light coming in from above refracted through the lake would provide something of a "you're actually in the aquarium" feel)

Brendan Mahoney more than 1 year ago

come see us!

Missouri Aquarium Society thinks you are our kinda guy. Come to our meeting as a guest.

Kathy Deutsch more than 1 year ago

Why can't we do both?

We need to think big in this city if we are going to be able to compete in the future. We need leaders to step up and lead. There is no reason why we can't do this. There are a million reasons why we should. Lets make it happen.

JC more than 1 year ago

Why not both?

With the STL ZOO expansion across Highway 40, and Aquarium is certainly in the mix as one of the facilities they may develop. Start charging a nominal admission for those outside a certain radius and raise the revenue to give back to the city for development of the riverfront, including a new multi-purpose stadium for football and soccer. Renovate the dome to expand our convention offerings and become a major player on that front. Lots of opportunities for lots of things to happen.

Douglis Beck more than 1 year ago

A better idea

Build the Riverfront stadium and convert Union Station into an aquarium. Union Station would be a much better venue, plus you would have large investments in 2 areas of downtown.

Mike Gmoser more than 1 year ago

Proofreading is a Virtue

Good article, and I 100% support the aquarium idea. But, PLEASE proofread! "...one local artists is" and "Laclade’s"???

Kat more than 1 year ago

Thank you

Thanks, Kat! You're right, proofreading is a virtue. The errors you noticed have been corrected. Thanks again for pointing them out!

Lindsay Toler more than 1 year ago


Regardless of how you feel about spelling, it is required for URLs and hashtags


Jeremy more than 1 year ago

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