Mid-century modern Lustron homes are still standing in St. Louis

The Lustron Corporation's steel homes were built to house GIs after World War II. Now, only 1,200 are estimated to exist in the United States today.



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Elaborate Book On Lustron's

There is an available book whose appendix lists all Lustrons built, including their address.


Andy the Actuary 15 days ago

Good article

I enjoyed your article. I lived in a Lustron house in Macomb, Illinois for a short period of time. There are a handful of them in Macomb. It was kinda fun living in one - we could use magnets everywhere!

Nancy 19 days ago

The Circle Continues

We're currently preparing my sister's Lustron house in Kalamazoo, Michigan for sale. A Lustron home in Florida sold for well over $300,000 recently.

Tony Ettwein 19 days ago

Lustron Homes

I think the greater reason for the demise of the Lustron Homes was the government intervention on the side of the trade unions. The trade men's who built home in the standard way, were threatened by this homes being built in factories. The unions influenced the powers that be in Washington and Lustron went away.

Rhona Lococo 20 days ago

St. Charles

There are 3 Lustrons in the city of St. Charles, too. The one on Sixth Street had hosted tours & luncheons, but I don't know if they are still doing that.

Jane Johnson 21 days ago

Lustron Stories

I did a photography project on people living in Lustron Homes that included a number of subjects in St Louis. One was owned by the late Joe Williams, movie critic for the Post Dispatch. Ohio State University Press, under their Trillium Books imprint, published the book last fall. You can learn more at www.lustron-stories.com

Chuck Mintz 21 days ago

Great Article

I look for Lustron's no matter where I go.

richard M davis 21 days ago