St. Louis' Restaurant Chalkboard Artists: Unsung... But Very Well-Read



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Beer art at the Schlafly Tap Room

Let's not forget the brilliant and prolific Ryan Frank!

Matt Thenhaus more than 2 years ago

Casey Miller at The Mud House! Yesssss!

A true chalkboard artist (and no slouch with a pen, pencil, crayon, paint, latte foam, and Etch-a-Sketch).

Chris more than 2 years ago


Yeah, I'm with JSH. How did you guys manage to forget the boards at MudHouse? Casey even developed her own coffee shop font.

WeatherOverMe more than 2 years ago

chalkboard art

You missed the Mud House. Casey Miller's chalkboards are the best I've seen. Each one a true work of art!

JSH more than 2 years ago

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