Plaudits for The Preston, Now Open at The Chase Park Plaza

After four months of construction, The Preston opened February 1, replacing Eau Bistro.


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Renovation timeline

The renovation of Eau Bistro technically began in October with behind the scenes the kitchen, the wine room, ordering of all the new equipment, dishware, barware, furniture, flooring, measuring, designing, marketing materials, etc. The restaurant remained open for as long as possible and did close to the public on Nov. 3.
As we understand it, the mid-January events were for friends, family, employees, invited guests...typical dry-run exercises designed to streamline both food and service before the official opening day, which was Feb. 1. Hence, the "4 months of renovation."

Slm Mg more than 1 year ago

Time warp?

Eau Bistro closed for renovation on November 3rd, 2015. The Preston soft opened on January 18. How exactly did STL Mag come about the "after 4 months of renovation" figure? Because it's wildly inaccurate.

Mike D more than 1 year ago

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