Memory Lane: The Lettuce Leaf

Lamenting the loss of The Lettuce Leaf.




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Taco Salad

I would love to have the recipe for the Lettuce Leaf taco salad. I've tried to find a replacement for it, but there is nothing even remotely close. If anyone has that recipe, please tell me where to find it...please!!!

Terri 253 days ago

Memory Lane - due credit to the Management

Ann, The Saighs are rightly credited with a wonderful concept and great marketing. The Lettuce Leaf was a first rate restaurant. Please know a lot of the Lettuce Leaf's success was due to a strong general manager and her management team overseeing recipe development, food quality and employee training. It was after Kathy Sellenriek left to buy her own restaurant, that the Saigh's sold and the end was at hand. (Full disclosure: I'm biased, Kathy is my sister).

Nancy Georgen more than 2 years ago

recipe for shrimp pasta salad

Nancy, I have been looking for YEARS since the last location closed in Chesterfield for the recipe for the Shrimp Pasta Salad. Please don't make me pine and drool any longer, is it possible to get the recipe for it and send it to me? You will have made me the happiest woman alive, it is something I crave on a regular basis and especially living in Phoenix now I just want to savor a bowl of that amazing salad.

Please let me know one way or another, I will be on pins and needles!

Thanks so much to you and St. Louis Magazine and member "Lemon" on the "Chowhound" website for directing me to this article.

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith more than 1 year ago

Hot bacon dressing

I'm dying for a BLT in a bowl with that hot bacon dressing!

Babsd 283 days ago

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