Jimmy’s on the Park Closes After 21 Years

The landmark restaurant was an anchor in the DeMun neighborhood


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Refund for Gift Certificate

Same here except ours was for 3, $50.00 gift certificates. Ours were 2, 50's from our kids and a 50 dollar gift our future in-laws gave to our daughter and their son. We insured the letter to Jimmy's and added tracking and it "was" delivered. I stopped by one afternoon and ran into a postman and he said someone is picking up their mail daily but I have had no response. I talked to Jimmy several months ago about theses certificates and he personally told me he would be responsible for them and was bound by law to either make them good or send the money to the state. Has anyone received a refund?

Steven Kristich more than 1 year ago


It has been several weeks now since we sent in our gift cards for our refunds. If we do not see the money soon, we might need to go to court with this guy...class action lawsuit anyone? I met Jimmy a number of times, seemed nice enough, but don't promise refunds if you will not be giving them.

Lauren more than 1 year ago

Refund for Gift Certificate

We have mailed two self-addressed stamped envelopes and the gift certificate 3 weeks ago and last week and still have not received a refund. This was a $75 gift for someone special and we are a bit angry that the promise was there and not delivered on. We really want our money back. Anyone else having issues with this?

Gloria Miesner more than 1 year ago


The whole neighborhood is in mourning! JIMMYS was my favorite restaurant. And I didn't bother to have a second favorite. Best wishes always to Jimmy and Greg and ALL. First class and the BEST!

PATTY EMORY more than 1 year ago

Gift Card Refund Information

Jimmy's website has been updated with gift card refund information. http://jimmyscafe.com/

Slm Mg more than 1 year ago

Gift Card Refend

How long are refunds being issued. The restaurant's site is already down. So the update that was provided just a few weeks ago is no longer available

BB more than 1 year ago


We have mailed two times to get our $75 back and to no avail. Apparently it was a ploy to just get the certificates back and not issue refunds. We are really mad.

Gloria Miesner more than 1 year ago

Gift Certificate Refunds

The story indicates that gift certificates will be refunded, but fails to tell anyone how to get the fund. Can anyone help with more information?

Bill more than 1 year ago

So sad...

We loved Jimmy's!!! So much so, my daughter and her boyfriend bought me and my wife 2 $5uins0.00 gift certificates for Christmas and unknowingly we bought them a $50.00 certificate. How can we get in touch with Jimmy for the refund?

Steven Kristich more than 1 year ago

Best wishes to the Jimmy of Jimmy's on the Park

I just saw this and am very sorry to hear that the place had to close due to economic issues. Now, like many others, I am wishing I had gone here more regularly. That is such a nice little stretch of places; sad to hear it was too far off the main path to last another 21 years. We wish you the best and hope you are able to settle in elsewhere as desired.

Mike & Patti more than 1 year ago

One of our favorite date night spots

We are sad to see this restaurant close. This place was one of our favorite places to visit for Friday date night. The employees provided excellent service each time we would go up there, whether for dinner or just drinks. Our usual spot would be at the bar. We were already trying to plan out what day to come during Clayton Restaurant Week as this place offered some great prie fix options. Good luck with the next chapter!

Lesley more than 1 year ago


Twenty years of excellence is amazing and appreciated. Although it is sad and stunning to hear of your closing, I am impressed by your diligence and professionalism in competing for so long in the challenging business of fine dining. Cheers to you on your future endeavors.

Mike more than 1 year ago

So sad!!!

I have lived here for 22 years and Jimmy's was always one of my favorites. I'm sorry we did not come often enough to prevent this. We just talked about coming for our anniversary in Feb.... You will be missed. Hopefully you will find a new home for you and your artwork soon.

Denise more than 1 year ago

Will Miss You Jimmys

So sorry to see this St. Louis great establishment close down. I will miss the fireplace, warm ambience, the salmon club sandwich and fried spinach! Best of luck to all.

Sherri more than 1 year ago


Jimmy and Peggy, I am so sorry for you, food and beverage are a cruel mistress. The economy sucks, I hope you guys are alright. Peggy, call me if you want. Love JoAnn

JoAnn Jorden Tinsley more than 1 year ago

Class, all the way

It appears that Mr. Kristo is a guy with class, who understands and appreciates the right way to do things.

I don't know him, and I'm not from St. Louis, but the fact he held back the money collected from the sale of gift cards "just in case" says a lot about his character.

I knew an independent gym owner who sold "$99 Lifetime Memberships" during the last three days he was open. Closed the gym and walked away.

Michael more than 1 year ago

We'll miss Jimmy's

This is sad news. We visited Jimmy's for special occasions and although everything we ate there was wonderful, my most memorable culinary experience was "the best lamb shanks I ever tasted"! Thanks, Jimmy Kristo!

Janice more than 1 year ago


Amen to the lamb shanks. Will greatly miss JImmy's.

Donna more than 1 year ago

A neighborhood loss!

I moved into the neighborhood 21 years ago, just before Jimmy's opened. Jimmy's is an institution, more than just another business. The big empty shoes on DeMun will be hard to fill!

John more than 1 year ago

So Sad

Jimmy's had some of the yummiest food ever with great atmosphere and superb service. So sad. Gonna miss Jimmy's!!

Ruthie more than 1 year ago

Great place!

So sorry to see you go. Always enjoyed our time there. Consistently good food in a great atmosphere. Jimmy's on the Park will certainly be missed!

Susan more than 1 year ago


Had some of the best times in this amazing establishment!! Good luck Jimmy!!

Maggie more than 1 year ago

You will be missed

The first time I walked into your restaurant was 20 years ago today. It was very snowy and my son had just been born up the street at St. Mary's. I have enjoyed your food over the years and am sorry to see you leave.

Warren Duval more than 1 year ago

Wonderful Gesture!

I think that you giving back for any gift certificates is just wonderful. Where now a days do you find anyplace doing that. That shows right there what kind of person you are!! Wonderful and Caring.
I've been there only a couple of times with other friends but enjoyed each time I was there. But I just had to share this comment.

CR more than 1 year ago

Free the Bisque

We will miss the best tomato bisque soup ever. How about freeing the bisque and making the recipe available to your loyal patrons so that we can keep the memories alive. That would be a great thank you to all of us.

Tom B more than 1 year ago


If the food is good they will come

Scott more than 1 year ago


I'd love to buy our caricature if we could. And I will really miss this restaurant, it was a very special place and I had many great meals there!

Colleen Lawler more than 1 year ago

No notice provided to employees

Deciding not to provide your employees sufficient notice before closing your business is not what I’d call “First class.” Very selfish and inconsiderate in my opinion.

Alyssa more than 1 year ago

You have no idea

Alyssa you have no idea what its like to stir a ship that big. I am sure Jimmy did all he could to reduce the impact. In these cases there is no perfect way to do something like this. Maybe you should keep your negative comments to yourself. The world does not need anymore haters like you Alyssa!

Roger From St Louis more than 1 year ago

Zip It

I agree. Don't comment unless you know what happened.

Cindy more than 1 year ago

Yes, I do

I actually do know what happened, which is why I chose to comment. You don't have to like it. Bye Cindy.

Alyssa more than 1 year ago

yes I do

So, what happened?

Jeanette Craig more than 1 year ago


What happened to all the caricatures?

MJ more than 1 year ago

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