September 2016

St. Louis Magazine’s September issue is out now! The cover story is your guide to local shopping, highlighting clothing boutiques from Edwardsville to Ellisville. Also inside: our annual guide to what’s new and notable in the arts, a stunning fall fashion portfolio, and more. Also, don’t miss the newest edition of St. Louis At Home, featuring some of the most beautiful homes in the area. Finally, check out our inaugural Private School Handbook, your guide to navigating the education landscape, with expert advice and vital stats on 100-plus schools.


Cathy Lander-Goldberg

Cathy Lander-Goldberg photographed troubled girls—then found them 20 years later and photographed them again. more

Sep 16, 2016 5:32 PM Health

For years, St. Louis aldermen have been gift-wrapping tax breaks with no strings attached. Who pays? The city schools. more

Aug 18, 2016 8:08 AM News


Illustration by Britt Spencer

Pop quiz: Could visitors to the World's Fair get a Dr Pepper float instead of an ice cream cone? more

Aug 18, 2016 7:00 AM St. Louis Sage


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

At the Telephone Museum (13 years in the planning!) you can see crank phones that ran on giant dry-cell batteries—and a demonstration of the 19th-century version of texting. more

Aug 18, 2016 7:00 AM History


Kevin A. Roberts

Lindbergh junior Trey Schroeder is Missouri’s champion high school angler. It’s like being Miss America but for bass fishing. more

Aug 18, 2016 7:00 AM News 1 Comments


Illustration courtesy of The Pageant

A preview of the much-anticipated new spaces in midtown and U. City more

Aug 18, 2016 7:00 AM Arts


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Autumn can be tricky in the Midwest, with temperatures fluctuating from steamy to brisk. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Ask Helene



A peek inside the issue more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM News


Photo by Kevin A. Roberts

Where breakfast meets dessert more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Dining


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

“To me, enhancing what you already have is beautiful,” she says. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Beauty


Photo by Jennifer Avello

This season's new looks combine elegant cuts with a contemporary edge. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM , Galleries


Matt Marcinkowski

The word "murmuration" describes the phenomenon of starlings taking flight and creating intricate patterns as a flock. It’s also the name of a new St. Louis festival. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Arts


Todd Detwiler

Scottish strongman events boast history and weighty things gone airborne. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM News


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

The St. Louis Shakespeare Festival playwright used the shipwreck-marooned Twelfth Night to tell the story of Old North and As You Like It for Clayton. Maplewood is starting to feel a little like Hamlet. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Performing Arts


Photography by Matt Marcinkowski

SLM caught up with Green to talk about the election, the city’s financial picture, and whether she has other political ambitions. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Politics


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Restaurant Reviews 1 Comments


Photo by Kevin A. Roberts

From classic looks to the eccentric, these fashion mavens embody a range of tastes. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM , Shopping


Photography by Greg Rannells

These local picks take mornings to a new level. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Dining


Screengrab via YouTube/Pokémon Go

This month's column tackles football, Pokémon Go, and the election. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM News


Photography by Chris Lee/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP

Op-ed: Mizzou's 2015 football team received the second annual Stuart Scott ENSPIRE award for its support of fellow students’ protests over race relations on campus. And neither the university nor its athletic department uttered a word in response. more

Aug 18, 2016 6:00 AM Think Again 4 Comments

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