September 2007

Mike Shannon

Photograph by Scott Rovak

"Get up, baby, get up!" Just about the entire Shannon clan, accompanied by former Cardinals teammates, fellow broadcasters and Cards top brass, turned out at Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood to celeb... more

Sunny Glassberg, Lee Bohm

Photograph by Ashley Heifner

Stars twinkled above the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park as the "stars, star makers and star gazers" celebrated TalentPlus' 30th anniversary. Sharon Tucci, the agency's founder, anchored the ce... more

Steve Chamraz, Steve Perron

Photograph by Diane Anderson

Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim's mission of mercy has captured the public's imagination and brought in hundreds of volunteers over the past decade. This evening event at Frazer's in Benton Park cel... more

Eric and Kelly Burt

Photograph by Ashley Heifner

Previewing the St. Louis Wine Festival, which was held the following weekend, this exclusive event at St. Louis City Hall brought in more than 400 guests, who sampled from local wineries including C... more

Fur-ever lovely... more


Everything you need to spell Style this fall more

Thanks to Gene Dobbs Bradford, the St. Louis jazz scene is hitting the high notes again more

This month, internationally acclaimed sculptor Alice Aycock will unveil a striking work of public art in downtown Clayton. As the installation nears, we preview the project—and recall an earlier artist in whose footsteps she follows more

With the death of judge William Hungate, so too dies a dream for St. Louis, rich and poor, black and white: Can’t we all just go to school together? By D.J. Wilson Buried in the obituaries of former c... more

Rugby prop forward By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Peter Newcomb For anyone with preconceived notions about the brutality of rugby or the mental state of the guys who play it, a conversation with S... more

As Southern Illinois University Edwardsville turns 50, its senior staffer assesses its past, present—and future By Bryan A. Hollerbach Photograph by Richard Nichols Nowadays, it seems few people pass ... more

Your map to September's spokes-and-spandex free-for-all By Sarah Truckey Photograph courtesy of KOM Sports Marketing On September 16, 150 professional cyclists representing nearly 25 different countri... more

The Dude abides, and luckily for us, so does this dude By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Just because Brian McCullough is a bowler who happens to be gay, that doesn’t mean he rolls ... more

Thirty years after publishing his first novel, an UMSL professor decides a life in books is nothing to write home about By David Linzee My first impression of what a novelist’s life was like, long bef... more

It’s all hands on deck for family fun at the St. Louis Pirate Festival By Beck Ireland Photograph by Whitney Curtis Rated “arrr”—not R—is how the organizers of the second annual St. Louis Pirate Festi... more

Young movie directors with St. Louis roots are currently blossoming in startling abundance more

A St. Louis Magazine exclusive with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, whose epic 16-hour documentary, The War, premieres on PBS this month more

By Jeannette Cooperman Ninety minutes at a country club, nibbling on Danish while experts tell me about my Personal Style? I grabbed for this assignment. St. Louisans Gini Swancy and Donna Gamache, fo... more

By Suzy Bacino Photographs by Mark Gilliland school daze You’ve got the gear, and you’re not afraid to use it. But do not overlook lesson No. 1: The school year will go more smoothly if you look good.... more


By Stefanie Ellis Photograph by Katherine Bish It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, right? I was waxing philosophical at a recent visit to Momos when a luscious phyllo triangle filled with a ... more