September 2006

The long-dead Lewis and Clark bring modern-day sisters closer By Jennifer Keeven Nearly 200 years after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark completed the cross-country expedition that spawned a hun... Read more

Local filmmaker Mike Berger wants to clear up a few things about 9/11 By Aaron Brummet Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat Mike Berger doesn’t fancy himself a Michael Moore type, but he’s got more in ... Read more

Five years after 9/11 and the anthrax attacks, will pills protect us? By Matthew Halverson Illustration by Matt Kindt On October 15, 2001, with the country reeling from 9/11 and descending into ... Read more

Cofounder, Paraquad Inc. and the Starkloff Disability Institute By Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland He used to race sports cars, had a little bug-eyed Austin Healy Sprite. “I’... Read more

St. Louis has statues or street names for everybody from Alexander von Humboldt to cool Papa Bell. Where are the Eliots? By Aaron Belz It seems that St. Louisans have all but forgotten T.S. Eliot’... Read more

Volleyball player By Leslie Gibson McCarthy Photograph courtesy of Washington University Amy Bommarito isn’t a professional athlete and has no intention of becoming one, so it’s doubtful ESPN wi... Read more

Eight decades apart, they argue the meaning of true blues By Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Scott Rovak “Henry’s the only person on the planet who has recorded in every decade sinc... Read more

For some St. Louis athletes, retirement isn’t the end of the career game By Thomas Crone Marshall Faulk may have gone under the knife this summer for surgery that could force him to hang up his cl... Read more

Electric Avenue By Stefene Russell Image courtesy of Scott K. Williams, Florissant, The “Great White Way” once meant not just Broadway but illuminated streets in any c... Read more


The International Steel Guitar Convention turns 35 this month, and it’s still tough as nails By Daniel Durchholz If DeWitt Scott wants to call this month’s International Steel Guitar Convention th... Read more

St. Louis’ red-hot vixens of roller derby get ready to make the rounds By Gabriel Kiley Mary Manglin’. Riddle Lynn. Josie Stalin. The Educator. It’s a collection of pseudonyms appropriate for t... Read more

A St. Louis woman and her acquaintances go ape for peacenik collectibles By Reine Bayoc Photographs by Ashley Heifner Susan Scribner took to collecting “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”... Read more

By Martha K. Baker Photographs by Ashley Heifner In the 1960s, “white flight” from city to county sounded like an 1860s cattle stampede across the American plains. Angie Kloepfer, a white mother o... Read more

By Rick Wood Every year, music fans of all stripes add a vacation day or two to certain weekends and make a pilgrimage to one of the annual music festivals held throughout the summer. This year’s sl... Read more

A new retail philosophy is sneaking into the Loop By Sarah Baicker Even if you make a weekly pilgrimage to the Delmar Loop, you may have missed R.Sole, with its window frosted, its owners insistin... Read more

Today, metro St. Louis alone has some 300 identified Sears houses, including the 192 built by Standard Oil for its employees in Carlinville, Wood River and Standard City, Ill., in what is the largest cluster in the United States. Read more

Jim Dierberg owns vineyards in California and banks and supermarkets across the country—yet he spends his time and his millions on an old Missouri river town, restoring its past and his own Read more


Photograph by Ashley Heifner

Nine prime shopping neighborhoods with charming, walkable streets, one-of-a-kind shops and civilized stops for lunch or a latte Read more

The man who designed the Guggenheim Bilbao wants to adorn your body By Jeannette Batz Cooperman Frank Gehry’s recent commissions: Atlantic Yards, a 22-acre project in Brooklyn. Beekman Street Towe... Read more

Cliff Froehlich returns to Cinema St. Louis ... this time for real By Tom Weber Photograph by Ashley Heifner For most filmgoers, seeing 10 different movies at the Tivoli during the 10-day St. Lo... Read more