October 2010


Photographs by Matt Marcinkowski

With extreme weather, fickle global markets, and escalating technology, grain farming in Southern Illinois is as much about gauging risks as planting seeds. Read more

Like food itself, the act of eating is seasonal. When it’s warm out, we yearn to dine alfresco; once it’s winter, eating becomes an indoor sport (often involving the consumption of Oreos, on the couch... Read more


Photograph Courtesy of Sensient Technologies

The slick-soft coating on buffered aspirin, the sparkles in chewing gum, those pricey little inkjet cartridges that print your vacation photos—everything the world consumes has a color. And a lot of those colors are made right here, in a nondescript set of buildings on the near North Side. Read more


Photographs by Kevin A. Roberts

Seven culinary masters and their mentors Read more

Two Central West End boutiques sprout along Maryland Avenue. Read more


Photograph taken in Bellefontaine Cemetery by Paul Piaget, Library of Congress Photographs & Prints Collection, HABS MO, 96-SALU, 84-3.

Acid rain has dripped over the cusp of Capt. Isaiah Sellers’ tombstone and melted him like a Popsicle, erasing his beard and eroding his eyes to sockets. In life, he was 6-foot-2, red-faced, straight-... Read more



Photograph by Amitava Sarkar

America’s struggled to find its cultural voice since Pilgrims first left footprints on New England beaches. But Midwestern art’s been particularly undervalued; Martha Graham and Aaron Copland’s Appal... Read more


Illustration by Daniel Elchert

What happens when your possessions take over your life Read more

Has the classic cross-state rivalry spread beyond sports? Read more

On October 9, during the season home opener, the Blues will unveil a new statue of Brett Hull in front of Scottrade Center, near Brett Hull Way (a.k.a. Clark Avenue). For those wondering about the num... Read more


Photograph by Michael DeFilippo

Kirkwood High School levels its playing field. Read more


Photograph Courtesy of Images Publishing Group

Renowned architect Gyo Obata on the client-architect relationship. Read more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Family ties cross species at the Saint Louis Zoo, which turns 100 this year. Read more


Photographs by Katherine Bish

More wine, more craft beer—and more cheese—than downtown St. Louis has ever witnessed under one roof. Read more

Restaurant Reviews


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Seven-year-old Monarch just did what more restaurants should: reevaluate the concept, execution, and direction. All of that billowy grandeur that was so hip and happening just five years ago is not so... Read more


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

Jen and Eric Woods—the siblings behind Typecast Publishing—reinvent that overly precious object known as the book of poetry. Read more


Photograph by Whitney Curtis

Proposition A could impose one man's tax philosophy on an entire state. Read more

Think Again

Haven of Grace hosted its fall top donor event at An American Place Restaurant that featured Chef Forgione’s gourmet cuisine paired with wines provided by Bommarito Wines. Read more

Covenant House Missouri held its 3rd annual Stan Musial Hall of Fame Gala at The Chase Park Plaza to raise money to continue its work of helping homeless, runaway and at-risk youth in the St. Louis area. Read more

The Magic House's Donor Appreciation Breakfast was an event to celebrate the museum's 31st birthday, recognize all the donors that make our programs and facilities possible, and bestow our Great Friend to Kids Award upon two longtime museums supporters, Gerry & Bob Virgil. Read more