October 2008


Photograph by J.R. Elke

In Germany, old wives say placing roses in the dining room will prevent the escape of secrets spoken out loud (maybe the roses swallow them as they float by?). Read more


This month's cover story — the 35 best places to eat in St. Louis — got me wondering: How much of someone’s St. Louis story can be told just through restaurants? Read more


Image Courtesy of Brandon Anschultz

He originally studied architecture, and you can see the hand of the draftsman as well as the painter in Brandon Anschultz’s canvases; even his most extroverted images are razor-sharp clean. Read more


Photographs by Rachel Brandt

St. Louis’ women-led theater companies are carving out a larger place for female directors, actors and playwrights Read more


Photograph by Mike DeFilippo

Dan Randant and Mike Newman have more songs up their combined sleeves than a karaoke machine—but they’re more rock bards than cover band Read more

Though the lovely, but not-so-modern Modernism of Neutra and Eames is all the rage with design junkies, progressive architects have left midcentury Modernism’s rocket-ship optimism behind in favor of the uncharted, digital 21st century. C Read more


Nasher Photograph by Tim Hursley

10 fly-to destinations for fabulous weekend getaways Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

Shoe Guru at Neiman Marcus, Plaza Frontenac Read more



Doubebags Photograph by Suzy Gorman

Raquel Hunter launches a stylish line of bags Read more


Photograph Courtesy of Maud Kelly

A walk down West Cabanne Place reveals a historic district’s spirited past Read more


Photograph by Ashley Gieseking

Jim Kelly, co-owner of The Darkness, creepy world and Halloween Productions Read more

When the vice presidential candidates face off October 2 at Wash. U., it will be the fourth time the university has hosted a presidential or V.P. debate—more than any other institution. To mark the quarrelsome occasion, we compiled some of the more memorable sound bites from past St. Louis debates. Read more

A new five-day festival seeks to fire a local dialogue on science Read more