October 2007

Debbie Diamond, Deetra Hamel

Photograph by Ashley Heifner

A sumptuous buffet, pastel-frosted pastries and tasty "dessert martinis" kept more than 1,000 guests satisfied as St. Louis women shopped for a cure at Saks Fifth Avenue's The Hunt for Pink October ... Read more

Andres Broussard, Juan McKissic

Photograph by Diane Anderson

Following cocktails in the Sheldon's Louis Spiering Room, Grand Center honored local arts philanthropists Ken and Nancy Kranzberg for their outstanding contributions to St. Louis culture and arts—in... Read more

John Eulich, Jim Smith, Cindy Eulich

Photograph by Ashley Heifner

An impressive stretch of seafood (crab, lobster and shrimp) greeted the nearly 350 guests at this Central West End hot spot's opening. Internationally celebrated restaurateur (and St. Louis native) ... Read more

Sure, Belgium and Florida would be nice. But—we hear you asking—what can we drive to? We've got you covered, with tips for four fall trips within 400 miles. Read more

Pack your bags and pull the blinds: Our fall travel package has gone global. From China to Belgium, and Florida to Maine, there's a new world awaiting your arrival. And you'll be surprised by the St. Louis connections Read more


Photograph by Marian Brickner

Some St. Louis Catholics would like to see Latin remain a dead language. Others say it's bringing the church back to life Read more

As told to Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland She wasn’t even sure what a bunny was when she applied, at 17, to work at the old Playboy Club on Lindell. But she became, in the considered... Read more

Foodie-in-academe By Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat On top of the crammed bookshelf in her Washington University office, Rafia Zafar keeps an African-themed cola from Germany and a ... Read more

In June 2003, a Missouri woman with bipolar disorder and mild cerebral palsy bore a son. The state declared her unfit to parent and removed him from her care. More than four years later, the legal—and emotional—fight for Christopher goes on Read more

Hey, we like eating out just as much as they next guy, but sometimes we like to do it ourselves. This is where we go to get the good stuff Read more


Stuck in a soul-leaching CEO-type job, making a measly six-figure salary not including perks? We hear you. Ever think of becoming a restaurant critic? You already watch the Food Network, so you know a... Read more

Prinsesstårta Read more



Photograph by Thomas Chadwick

More than four decades after defecting to the Windy City, the ridiculously successful restaurateur and St. Louis native is back, and he’s bringing two restaurants with him. Can someone say, “It’s about time”? Read more

By Adam Scott Williams While it’s unlike me to either acquire “fine” art or, in general, reveal when thrilled, I’ve been doing both recently, gibbering about a particular painting to anyone who passes... Read more

By Sarah Truckey Of all the people in this city unsatisfied with a product or upset with a service, how many actually do something about it? They may whine about it on their blogs or vent to the   Su... Read more

By Sarah Truckey Thanks to cable and the Westminster Kennel Club, we all know how a dog show works. The canines are poked, prodded and intimately inspected by the judges in search of the prize pup. Bu... Read more

Can Lisbeth Tanz really talk to dogs beyond the grave? By Shera Dalin As an only child of a divorced mom, I yearned for a pet. But raging allergies kept me from getting a dog until I was about 8. That... Read more

Yarrow Coven’s CEO of sorcery returns to cast a spell on us By Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Frank Di Piazza In a time when grownups read the Harry Potter books, one might be forgiven for assuming... Read more

Beautiful or macabre, “Body Worlds 3” is a study in grave anatomy By Matthew Halverson Like an army of the undead, frozen in fear by the sight of their own skinless, deconstructed bodies, Dr. Gunther ... Read more

When did St. Louis become the juggling Mecca of the Midwest? By Margaret Bauer Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat As any hip-hop aficionado could tell you, St. Louis certainly has its share of    ballers ... Read more