October 2005

What restaurants do you visit when you’re in St. Louis? St. Louis icons like Steak ’n Shake, Ted Drewes, maybe Crown Candy Kitchen—the kinds of things I can only get in St. Louis. I would go somewhere on the Hill and eat a salad with Provel cheese and some toasted ravioli—and then I might eat some barbecued pig snoots. Read more

If the taste of Japan were any more delectably authentic, you'd be paying in yen. Read more

Sick of fidgeting, flying and foraging for food? Missouri B&Bs are a serene alternative. Read more

If early residents hadn’t let a virginia gentleman-farmer name their courthouse, Clayton wouldn’t be talking mergers today. Read more

There’s something luxurious and soft about early fall—the air settles lightly on the shoulders, a wrap both subtle and sensuous. Crisp days chase away the summer’s stupor, and I begin to feel alive again. Read more

Vacations that are pure pleasure—and send you home smarter. Read more

Half a century ago, TWA was the airline of the stars. Controlled by one of the most glamorous figures in aviation history, offering the first nonstop transcontinental flights (not to mention freshly brewed inflight coffee), TWA embodied all the promise of the nascent aviation industry. What went wrong? Read more


Photographs by Katherine Bish

The bread has been eaten and the ballots are in. Here are our picks for the 15 most amazing new eateries in the city. Read more



Photograph By James Jurica

Forget the old rules of wine pairing and follow your nose. Read more


Photographs by Mark Gilliland

There's a changing of the guard in St. Louis dining. Fresh market menus are replacing the standard meat-and-potatoes fare of old, and new restaurants are opening monthly. Read more