November 2008

CLICK HERE to view St. Louis Magazine's exclusive video of the MIX event. more

CLICK HERE to view St. Louis Magazine's exclusive video of the MIX event. more


Photograph by Steve Gunther

Since 1959 the New Music Circle has brought new, improvised and avant-garde music to St. Louis audiences. more

A Work of Art in 12 Steps more

Aces of Hearts more


Photograph by Alexander Piaget

Classic Rock more


Consuming digital music is as easy as popping the head on a Pez dispenser. Hounding vinyl—especially that of a St. Louis origin—can be more challenging … and far more rewarding more


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

Rocio Romero is Perryville, Mo.’s most famous architect, noted for her LV prefabricated Modernist homes. more

In a new documentary, St. Louis native Eric Bricker chronicles the life of famed architectural photographer Julius Shulman more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

All Along Press defies the digital and refuses to measure life in dollars more


Photograph by Whitney Curtis

Executive Director, Veterans Business Resource Center more


Illustration by Ryan Greis

Like that new iPhone app? You can thank Nabeel Gareeb more


Illustration by Ryan Greis

Personal assistants, cooks, nannies, chauffeurs, designers and architects to the rich (and sometimes powerful) peek out from behind the curtain—of the servants’ more


Illustration by Ryan Greis

Drinking, Reading, and More more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Left Wing, St. Louis Surge more

What happens when a boy band stages a comeback—as middle-aged men? more

On my recent trip to Paris, the plummeting dollar made the necessity of finding French design at bargain prices paramount. more


Photographs by Janet Sanders

A new life in Old North more