November 2006

By Martha K. Baker Photographs by Ashley Heifner “You can’t get there from here” is not just a joke told about a Vermont farmer. For years, the line also applied to the Richmond Heights neighborho... Read more

A new doc explores the “rags to riches” rise of one St. Louis mayor By Kristyn Schiavone A.J. Cervantes likes to talk about the days when his father—then a hardscrabble 19-year-old kid “from the w... Read more

Metro’s train-station sculpture project is giving new meaning to “art in motion” By Daniel Durchholz Photograph by Frank Di Piazza For too long, the discussion of public art in St. Louis has bee... Read more

Rams offensive lineman By Leslie Gibson McCarthy Photograph courtesy of Peter Aiken/ “Gentle giant” might not be the right phrase to describe a 6-foot-7, 325-pound offensive lineman... Read more

Former SLU hoops star Scott Highmark on his life as a Billiken By James Nicholson Photograph by Pete Newcomb Scott Highmark seems to have been on the local basketball scene forever. First it was... Read more

After 75 years, Ike Turner’s big wheel keeps on turning By Bryan A. Hollerbach Photograph by Ferdaus Shamin/ On November, 5 the ex–St. Louisan who launched “Rocket 88”—and with it, ... Read more

With an endless stream of fashion dictums coming at us from both coasts, it’s hard to sort through the various personalities a wardrobe can portray. Here’s a glossary … By Cory Schneider Bohemian:... Read more

A few rounds with the politically minded pint-lovers of Drinking Liberally By Katie Pelech Screaming at Fox News has rendered many a liberal hoarse and parched—and, frankly, driven more than a few... Read more

By Danielle Montgomery Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Seven years ago, Courtney Hennessey was sitting in her parents’ dining room, working her fingers numb until 3 a.m. while her friends partied do... Read more

We used to count on the legion of decency to flag the juicy stuff—back when grownups still believed they could protect us By David Linzee That great cultural revolution called the ’60s took a long... Read more

By Breanna Herschelman Driving back and forth from Kirksville, Mo., to Nashville, Tenn., every week doesn’t sound like much fun. Imagine driving it as many as four times a week, and you begin to see... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Katherine Bish Pujols 5 Westport Grill was the second sports figure–inspired restaurant to open in St. Louis this year—actually the third, if you count the reinc... Read more

A three-point plan for shooting SLU hoops to the big time By Hal Bush Photograph courtesy of the Saint Louis University Athletic Department NCAA Tournament exposure? A snazzy new stadium? Fancy ... Read more

A look ahead from two soothsaying sole sisters By David O’Neill Photographs courtesy of Brown Shoe When Tracy Marklein and Greta Hale were young, they routinely hit the pool, weighted down with ... Read more

Uncommon Knowledge – C.J. Larkin As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland C.J. Larkin worked in politics and as a public defender, ran two domestic-violence agencies and now te... Read more

Lighting designer, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis By Kevin M. Mitchell Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat As the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis celebrates its 40th season, Peter Sargent stands quietl... Read more

Imperial Swing in the Ring By Stefene Russell Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection, Tavern Journal Collection The Prize Ring Bar, at 3945 Olive Stre... Read more


Get your little chef cooking with the coolest-looking kitchen set out there. Read more


Imagine Schools wants to give St. Louis what the St. Louis Public Schools couldn’t, starting with the buildings themselves. A look at the drawing board Read more

By Stefanie Ellis Photograph by Katherine Bish Breweries, in my non–beer-drinking mind, have always seemed like the kinds of places that might confound the modern girl. I used to imagine smoky sur... Read more