March 2015


St. Louis Magazine’s March issue is out now, and it’s all about education in St. Louis. Read about how local schools are seeking new ways to improve education, from rethinking public policies to reexamining longtime traditions. Plus, find vital stats on more than 200 schools, kindergarten through college. Also inside: a stunning spring-fashion portfolio, a profile of St. Louis’ Irish ambassador, and more.

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Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Twenty-five restaurants we'd recommend in north St. Louis City and County. more

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Illustration by Joel Kimmel

More than two decades ago, Jonathan Kozol published his landmark book Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools. He opened by chronicling life in East St. Louis... more


A rundown of this month's content more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Nicole Bolden’s worst two weeks started with a car accident in Florissant. On Thursday, March 20, 2014, the driver in front of her made an illegal U-turn, causing a collision. The police officer who responded was nice at first... more


For much of the winter, obtuse drivers across the region parked at acutely obnoxious angles in lots where lines were obscured by snow, ice, and salt. more



Illustration by Todd Detwiler

Are you a fan of American Ninja Warrior? The show offers fiendishly difficult sets of obstacles that competitors must climb over, under, and through; rare is the contestant who reaches the end of a course. Think you have what it takes to compete? more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

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Illustration by Daniel Fishel

You’ve probably seen their absurdist send-up of the disciplined drill teams that march in parades. Instead of twirling batons or rifles, the members of the Gateway Precision Lawn Chair Krewe twirl folding lawn chairs—in unison. more


What separates the king of the jungle from the king of your couch? A recent study, led by Wes Warren of The Genome Institute at Washington University, compared the genomes of wild and house cats (and dogs) to find out. more


Education reform is part of any substantive discussion about urban problems, or any attempt to solve those problems... more



Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

Here’s a quick quiz on police–community relations: Do you support the police, or do you distrust their power?... more

Think Again


Photography courtesy of the Missouri History Museum, Bartlett Family Glass Plate Negative Collection

A 1900 laundry manual lists 48 things you need before you can wash a single sock: an agate pan, a copper kettle, a wringer, a clothes horse, a bosom board, French chalk, kerosene, beeswax, small pointy irons… more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

This season’s popular Pastels carry over into fashionable eyewear options. more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Phillips Furniture may be gone, but in reality the store was simply purchased by Memphis-based Dufresne Spencer Group, which has put one of its other entities, Stash Home, in the 28,000-square-foot space. more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

When his graphic-design firm closed, Maaris Cirulis sold a sliver of land he’d bought on the mountain next to Dolly Parton’s and financed an early retirement. Released from his clients’ demands, he found himself making art... more

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Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Restaurateur; Niche, Pastaria, Taste, and Brasserie by Niche more



Photography by Johnny Pelhank

New boutiques continue to sprout along one of the city’s hippest streets. more



Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

St. Louis schools are seeking new ways to improve education, from rethinking public policies to reexamining longtime traditions. more

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Do you love your school? In honor of SLM's annual schools feature in the March issue, we want you to show your school pride! more



Illustration by Mike Ellis

Six ways to level the playing field for public schools more