March 2008

The chic crowd at the VIP opening of SLeeK was treated to a sneak peek at Chef Hubert Keller's newest restaurant, an upscale steakhouse and ultra lounge inside Lumiere Place. The stylish evening was... more

Genovese Jewelers in Creve Coeur hosted a Girls Night Out event to benefit FIRST (Friends of Legal Immigrants and Refugees in St. Louis). Over 150 women enjoyed margaritas and hors d'oeuvres while t... more

Saks Fifth Avenue St. Louis was pleased to host an in-store fashion show featuring fashions from the Spring Lafayette 148 New York. Collection designer, Edward Wilkerson was on hand to send the mode... more


Photograph by Matthew O'Shea

Marian Middle School is not yet a decade old—but it's already transforming the lives of its students and enriching the city's dispirited education scene more


Photographs by Matthew O’Shea

Portraits in learning at four area high schools more


Photographs by Dilip Vishwanat

Five alternative philosophies for engaging young minds—and a St. Louis school where each philosophy comes to life more

Middle school was one thing. Private high school's something else more

A guide to finding the specific private school, among many, that is just right for your child more


What does it take to go back in time? A lot of dough or a good sewing machine more

This month's Master the Met gives "I'll take the stairs" a whole new meaning more

Dear NCAA: We'd like you to consider including these three head-to-head wrestling matchups in this month's wrestling championships at Scottrade... more

The victims run the gamut of human emotion and impulse. The criminals are almost by definition people you’d never suspect. And the agency that stops them? The quietest, mildest-mannered, stubbornest one of all more

If the robots end up taking over, you can probably blame this North County teen more

Here's the long and the short of it: St. Louis doesn't like dachshunds—at least not as much as the rest of the country does. more

Any anything-but-cheesy celebration of the best pizza in St. Louis more

For Rawle Jefferds and a handful of oyster aficionados, shucking and slurping is serious business more


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

His wife's the "popular" one, but Rabbi James Stone Goodman makes the music. And any rabbi whose main sources are Motown, vaudeville, the oud and Kabbalah is worth a listen more

Will a monstrous vocab finally score him a win? more

Dem trombones... more


Or maybe the better question for a middle-aged, balding white guy is "Do you hide from inevitability or grab it by the short hairs?" more