January 2014


This month’s cover story takes an in-depth look at the Reverend Larry Rice and New Life Evangelistic Center. Also inside: more than 50 ways to eat healthier, sleep sounder, and lead a happier life; your guide to planning a wedding in St. Louis; and a conversation with best-selling author Ridley Pearson. Pick up your copies today!


Photograph by Kevin A. Roberts

One day last summer, Galen Gondolfi walked out his door, only to be handed a kitten by a woman who then hastily scrambled onto a bus. It was so small it fit in his hand, and it might not have survi... Read more


Photograph by Thomas Crone

For Jenny Roques, country music was something that came organically, in many respects, having grown up in small-town, rural Missouri. There, she developed a sense of style, a love of history, and a... Read more

Ridley Pearson

Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Who holds the key to the Magic Kingdom Read more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Is it presumptuous to assume we’d all eat better if we had better options? Now we do, with St. Louis’ newest healthy-leaning restaurants. Read more

Universal design is creating interiors for the future. Read more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

The story didn’t follow the script. The ABC evening news had just named the Rev. Larry Rice its “Man of the Week,” and the homeless advocate was mainstream media’s darling. Yet the headline beside ... Read more


Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

A physical therapist points out problems in the making. Read more

Tying the knot in three of spring’s hottest colors: cayenne, sand, and paloma gray Read more


Photography by Kate Munsch

A new generation of young, up-and-coming wedding vendors is making its mark. Read more


Photography by Blanche Kern, courtesy of The Honeycomb

Whether you’re looking for stationery, favors, decorations, or just something to make your outfit pop, you can support local artists and help your wedding stand out from the crowd with handmade ite... Read more


Photography by Carmen Troesser

Try a patio or courtyard for a downsized wedding at one of the area’s most unlikely spots. Read more

Olivia & Baris

Megan Thiele-Lorenz

Selected photos from lovely St. Louis ceremonies Read more

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 75 Circle Edwardsville, Ill. 618-650-3073 Metalsmithing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking… The courses in Southern Illinois University... Read more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Co-Owner, Elegant Eyewear Read more



Photography by Kate Munsch

St. Charles becomes a minor-league mecca. Read more


Photography by Kevin A. Roberts

Taco truck seeks a second chance. Read more

It was the era of salt and butter, freeze-dried corneas, and Jane Fonda… We take a look back at what “healthy living” meant 30 years ago. Read more


Photography provided by the Harlem Globetrotters

Bending the Rules Read more

A pop quiz on some of St. Louis’ latest medical discoveries Read more


Photography by Jessica Ahlborn, courtesy of Caryn Dugan

Five years ago, Caryn Dugan lost her father to cancer. Ten weeks later, she received the same diagnosis, a jolt of reality that gave rise to a change in lifestyle—and eventually, career. Now cancer... Read more