February 2007


Photograph by Katherine Lahey Horrigan

In a tiny village in sub-Saharan Africa, St. Louisans trade comfort for joy, rescuing hundreds of sick, starving orphans Read more


Illustration by Matt Kindt

Picking a jury is often a game of stereotypes—legal or not Read more


Illustration by Dan May

Rich with sacred ground, filled with relics and icons, steeples and startlingly modern temples, St. Louis gathers its faithful from all the world’s religions. Read more


Illustration by Jane Sanders

Churches and temples are trying to figure out how to market themselves without selling out Read more

Your days of chugging syrupy rum drinks at overcrowded, oversexed destinations are over By Emily Tennyson Photographs by Mauro Bighin and Graça Victoria When it comes to spring break, I’m—well— ... Read more

In 1996, St. Louis’ Catholic elementary teachers shocked the church hierarchy by organizing. The archidiocese refused to bargain with them—but quietly made several improvements. Is the struggle over? ... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Talk about crashing a party. Like a couple of fight-happy frat boys after one too many cups of cheap beer, nonprofit event organizer Mardi Gras Inc. and a small group of Soulard... Read more

Inside the head of a college-age entrepreneurial savant By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Katherine Bish In a couple of months Paul Scheiter will graduate from Saint Louis University without a ... Read more

St. Louis’ bad-breath doctor finds out what it’s really like to work with the Donald By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Pete Newcomb Donald Trump may be the punchline for just about every “creep... Read more

By Ellen F. Harris Photograph by Wiley Price from the book Lift Every Voice and Sing The deseg case, as it was called— Liddell v. Board of Education —brought us together, in 1980. Every afternoon... Read more

By Christy Marshall A buck will buy you a soda (in some vending machines), a couple of packs of gum—or a one-way ticket to Chicago. No, I’m not on crack. Log on to, pick your date an... Read more

Labyrinth Designer By Shera Dalin Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat In his hippie days, Robert Ferré made jewelry and sold it at craft shows. Then he built harpsichords and sold real estate and ran ... Read more

Basketball Coach, Vashon High School By Hal Bush Photograph by Pete Newcomb Anthony Bonner, arguably the best and most successful pro-basketball player to come from Saint Louis University, veter... Read more

When St. Louis Magazine needed convicts to hold up attorney Paul D'Agrosa for its February 2007 cover, the magazine didn't go to the city jail - it just called a couple friends who were willing to don... Read more

By Stefene Russell Photograph by Martin Schweig In the late ’50s, when Gaslight Square heated up to full boil (espresso machines hissing at the Laughing Buddha, free jazz floating from the Dark Si... Read more

Tim Robbins and his Actors’ Gang bring Orwell to town By Joe Pollack Tim Robbins is on the phone. It’s been 18 years since Bull Durham , but his performance as Ebby Calvin LaLoosh, better known a... Read more


Photograph by Scott Rovak

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith puts the salon back into the saloon Read more

By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish There’s a new French-American bistro in Soulard, and it’s going to make you say ahhh . It starts with the name: Franco. As in “ Frahnco. ” (Calling it ... Read more

KSDK Channel 5 news reporter By Katie Pelech Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Where do you find the clothes you really love? I love H&M, just because it’s affordable and kind of funky, but I also ... Read more

By Chris King Photograph by Katherine Bish It’s a tiny, but telling, detail: Order iced tea at Seha Café, and you will wait for the proprietor, Nada Schic, to boil tea and pour it over ice. Her in... Read more