February 2006

Awkward pauses, unwanted advances—who hasn’t suffered through at least one? “My bad first dates encompass all the times I’ve been set up by customers. And if I wasn’t interested, not only did I hav... Read more

By Matthew Halverson Don’t call Cheech Marin a Mexican-American. “It’s kind of insulting,” he says, “like it’s a census term.” He prefers “Chicano.” You wouldn’t think the shorter half of the stoner... Read more

A native St. Louisan goes looking for the Mississippi, wondering how we lost it By James Nicholson Anyone who has walked Thames-side in London or by the Seine in Paris knows the magic of water. Be... Read more

By Eddie Silva Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis Ten years after the 1904 World's Fair, a group of idealists sought to shake St. Louis out of the apathy that had ta... Read more


Touring the city with St. Louis’ chopper cops By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Scott Rovak “Are you prone to airsickness?” It’s a simple question, one that might elicit a once-traumatic-but-no... Read more

These seductive spaces use detail, mood and nuance in ways the moderns forgot By Stefene Russell Photographs by Katherine Bish Places with a past—places with an air of romance and useless beauty... Read more

By Kim Hudson Photographs by Amber Schmisseur Each Friday night, promptly at 9:30, the needle drops and the bass bounces off the walls of the Elvis Room, in the basement of Blueberry Hill. It’s th... Read more

By Cory Schneider Remember that story about the bungling thieves who tried to steal an old Jewish shopkeeper’s Passover wine supply but were foiled by his helpful neighbors? Well, neither did childr... Read more

Cue up the Copland, 'cause beef is what's for dinner at Citizen Kane's. Read more

A woman's best weapon is a man's imagination. Read more

A trip to Memphis is always a pilgrimage - for Elvis or civil rights or blues and barbecue. Read more

How did we fall so far so fast? Read more

Packed with schools, teams, and child-friendly activities, Edwardsville just keeps growing. Read more

Michael Kahn extracts solemn legal principles from the exploits of hip-hop artists, comic-book creators, Oprah and the Energizer bunny. Then he takes all that gravitas, all that skilled rhetoric about honor, property, justice and atonement, and turns it into witty murder mysteries. Read more

By Matthew Halverson On August 1, Mark Serice was prepping for his wedding and cooking up shrimp gumbo and oysters Rockefeller at a highly regarded Creole restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter. ... Read more

What to do if your lawyer is a liability Read more

By Alexi Zentner Shmeers Café should be the St. Louis vegetarian’s best friend. It’s a kosher dairy restaurant, which means that although there is some fish on the menu, the vast majority of the foo... Read more


By Stefene Russell “I swear, there must be a genie in a lamp I rubbed somewhere,” Dan Skinner says. He’s laughing, but he’s not kidding. In early 2005, he was working as a personal trainer; six mont... Read more

By Matthew Halverson It’s entirely possible that the owners of 609 derived the moniker of this restaurant and lounge from its address on Eastgate in the Loop—a naming trend that’s been popular in Ne... Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland Master woodworker Boris Khechoyan grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 1988, he gathered up his handmade tools and art books and fled as ... Read more