February 2005

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These are St. Louis' most audacious, interesting and wacky cases—those that set a precedent, drew the attention of the nation or marked a significant turning point in St. Louis history. Read more

Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society’s Photographs and Prints Collection Karl Knodel founded Knodel’s Bakery in 1901 after he arrived in St. Louis from Germany as a young man. This p... Read more


By Christy Marshall One hundred and twenty-five years ago, the Saint Louis Art Museum opened its doors and started displaying its treasures. Now ranked as one of the finest art museums in the country,... Read more

By Susan Caba Photograph by Mark Gilliland Shoes are the ideal lovers, says my friend and fellow writer Catherine Rankovic. “They cover for you, bring out your best, make you feel self-assured, awake... Read more

By Matt Berkley Vanessa Summers is a woman who hasn’t done it all yet—the key word being “yet.” Still only in her early 30s, Summers has crossed the globe and taken on a variety of careers. As a teen... Read more

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By Traci Angel St. Louis’ creep westward has proved to be a huge boost for the burg of St. Peters. More than 57,000 people make their home there today, up from 486 in 1970, and the number is still gro... Read more

Freshman guard, Saint Louis University By Mike Rainey The key to success for Brad Soderberg and the Billikens is to keep top local talent from fleeing the city for perceived greener pastures elsewhere... Read more

By Sarah Kliff Start with the St. Louis Steamers, add two new owners, subtract the uniforms and what do you get? An equally innovative and shocking advertising campaign that is working to resurrect in... Read more

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By Archbishop Raymond Burke During the coldest spell of last winter, on the occasion of my installation as Archbishop of St. Louis on January 26, 2004, I received a very warm welcome to the city and t... Read more

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I grew up in St. Louis and now live in California. When I order an ice cream sundae, I pronounce sundae “sunduh” and blame it on my St. Louis colloquialism. Can you confirm this, or do I just have bad... Read more

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There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate truffles. —Anonymous Read more

By Ann Lemons Photograph by Katherine Bish I came late to the pleasures of bread pudding. It was on a visit to New Orleans, where it’s lodged deep in the city’s fabulous food traditions and everybody’... Read more

If we look behind the commercial malaise to our creative heart—our rich and varied cultural institutions—we find the entrepreneurial spirit of that fabled World's Fair more vibrant than ever. Read more