August 2008

CLICK HERE to view St. Louis Magazine's exclusive video of the Best Dressed event. Read more


Photograph by the Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collection

What's the frequency, Kenneth? Read more


This is the story of Nelly and his haters. And perspective. And the pressure and expectations that come with being a man and a city at the same time Read more


Photograph by L.G. Patterson

How do pigs mate without mating? Ask Tim Safranski Read more


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

Seven hours spent wandering U. City's main drag? Of course it involves coffee, hipsters and Walk of Fame stars. But as Sarah Truckey discovered, it'll also expose you to astronomers, masked protestors, teens in tutus and inappropriate touching Read more


Photograph by David Torrence

Graceful and serenely egoless, a nonverbal 9-year-old girl in U. City floats in and out of what the rest of us call reality. In Kirkwood, a 10-year-old boy with a formidable mind and flash-fire temper manipulates video games for hours on end. Both kids have a form of autism. And the mystery's growing. Read more

Area experts weigh in on how to stay fit — from head to toe, inside and out Read more

Sweaty palms, warnings of decapitation and other adventures in first-time flying Read more

Curbing my appetite for accessories Read more


Photograph by Mark Gilliland

In the world of advertising, you'd be hard-pressed to find an artist whose creative impulses hadn't long since been mangled by The Man - right? Not so, say these creative types Read more


Photograph by Pete Newcomb

Stella Mora carries on the shoegaze tradition Read more

The platypus waddles down the red carpet, ducking creationists' hurled curses Read more

Recycled Trinkets Transformed into Treasures Read more

2,600 & 14 Length and width, in feet, of the McKinley Bridge Bikeway, a new bicycle- and pedestrian-only lane connected to the recently renovated McKinley Bridge spanning the Mississippi River 3,960 ... Read more


Illustration by Ryan Greis

In their widely different but equally compelling memoirs, three writers — Jonathan Franzen, Gerald Early and Kathleen Finneran — explore just what it is that ties us to this place called St. Louis Read more


Illustration by Danny Elchert

You can tell a lot about people by what they put on their hot dogs...and you can learn even more by hanging out with the guy who sells them Read more


Photograph by Whitney Curtis

A new doc about St. Louis' now defunct hip-hop haberdashery kicks it old school Read more


Photograph courtesy of Turner Publishing Company

A pair of local librarians spotlights St. Louis' colorful history - in striking black-and-white Read more