August 2007


Photograph by Diane Anderson

Forget Snakes on a Plane . Busch Gardens and SeaWorld flew lemurs and alligators cross-country for the Wild Canid Center's annual gala at Roberts Orpheum Theatre. Sharing space with these animals... Read more

Pool Queue By Stefene Russell Photograph courtesy of the Swekosky-Notre Dame College Collection, Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection The pool looks like it’s full of agricult... Read more


A local university taps the best minds in Asia and the Middle East, hoping to create some renewable energy By Jeannette Cooperman Photograph by Mary Butkus The arrivals took Washington University as c... Read more

You’ve heard of Downtown Now. But what about Downtown Then? We dust off the histories of nine downtown loft buildings By Laura Batty Photograph by Jessica Becker Motor Lofts 2201 Washington Built by ... Read more

As told to Stephen Schenkenberg Photograph by Mark Gilliland It was 1953, and Patricia Monteleone was one of just five females in Saint Louis University’s 286-person pre-med program. The others droppe... Read more

St. Louis architects figure out how to seduce jaded travelers into joy, everywhere from Six Flags to the Grand Canyon to the Pyramids at Giza Read more


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

South City's Geoffrey Seitz might sell you a violin from his shop. Then again, he might not Read more

This issue’s packed with M.D.s flying high in midcareer. But what about the rookies and the veterans? To find out, we dropped in on a fourth-year medical student and a retired neurologist to learn wha... Read more

At Saint Louis University, medical residents think—and learn—globally By Katherine Lahey Horrigan Photograph by Frank Di Piazza I've heard patients tell me that they’ve walked across a country with th... Read more

In 1969, a St. Louis teenager died with mysterious symptoms. Almost 20 years later, scientists realized that his might have been the first AIDS-related death in the United States Read more

A lot of guys want to forget World War II, but not Bob Enkelmann—he wants to relive it again and again. So what does he have left if he can’t do that? What happens to a soldier without war? By Matthew... Read more

By Richard Newman “Time to mow the lettuce!” I tell myself in a futile attempt to jump-start my least favorite domestic chore. I have procrastinated for weeks, and the last month of rain will no doubt... Read more

Soccer midfielder By Leslie Gibson McCarthy She’s not a household name yet, but by the end of September, St. Louis native Lori Chalupny (Ka-LUP-nee) could be. When the Women’s World Cup begins in Chin... Read more

A softball snafu brings the pain By Matt Crossman Illustration by Anna Keith In the first 28-plus years of my life, I broke no bones, had no surgeries, never had so much as a stitch. Then I moved to S... Read more

Is the mustache on the verge of a River City renaissance? By Matthew Halverson Furry-lipped men of St. Louis, rejoice. Your days of being marginalized and mistaken for members of the porn industry are... Read more

All Charles Smith is saying is, give peace a chance By Matthew Halverson Photograph by Mark Gilliland The day that Charles Smith realized he could kill a man was the day that he decided he had to dedi... Read more

By Matthew Halverson No doubt thirsty for more of the publicity that came with having the United States Conference of Mayors name St. Louis’ water the best-tasting in the country, Mayor Slay told the ... Read more

Helpful advice for surviving this month’s onslaught of used paperbacks By Margaret Bauer It’s sweltering out there—time for a trip to the local Borders for an iced mocha and a few hours trawling the ... Read more

In a Maryland Heights race this month, a Fenton boat builder hopes to make a big splash By Bryan A. Hollerbach Photograph by Rick Stoff Not too big a splash, though. With a raspy chuckle, Tim Seebold ... Read more

Why does St. Louis have it in for man’s best friend? By Sarah Truckey St. Louis can explain away its rank as the most dangerous city in the United States, but when it comes to being named one of the l... Read more