April 2011


Photograph by Josh Monken

Ferguson gets a sextuple bypass, and a new lease on life. Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

St. Louis’ first Chinatown is long gone. Bordered by Seventh, Tenth, Walnut, and Chestnut streets, it was called Hop Alley—some say because of the “hopheads,” addicts who frequented its opium dens. To... Read more


Photograph courtesy of River City Casino

Rolling the dice Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

Lemp's whole new paradigm Read more

It’s tough to pinpoint the exact moment Washington Avenue began to transform from a largely vacant business district to a thriving neighborhood. Still, you could do worse than to look to 1998, when Ke... Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

Edwardsville’s Main Street has thrived in recent years, adding some of the region’s best restaurants, including Erato on Main and Fond. Perhaps its most notable addition, though, isn’t new at all: the... Read more



Photograph by Josh Monken

A younger generation settles in. Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

A surge of new residents helped revive South City—and now they're doing the same in South County. Read more


Photograph by Matthew Green, courtesy of the Grove CID

The atomic explosion along Manchester Avenue Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

All up from here Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

Will it fight to save its historic homes? Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

After the wake in Fenton, an awakening? Read more


Photograph by Josh Monken

When Walgreens moved in, Tim Tucker knew Lafayette Square had arrived. Read more


Photograph courtesy of Stages St. Louis

Chesterfield may be the next Clayton—especially in the arts. Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

A decade ago, Belleville’s downtown looked a little faded. The town was 187 years old. Strip malls and suburban sprawl had done their damage. So schoolteacher Patty Gregory handpicked a group of volun... Read more

A boating boom in St. Charles County Read more

For four decades, Joe Edwards built the Delmar Loop organically, relying on independent stores and an abundance of nearby rental property. Then, when condos began sprouting up in Clayton’s DeMun neigh... Read more


Photographs by Frank Di Piazza

Alderman Sam Moore and Michael Allen want you to see what’s missing in north St. Louis. Read more

Art and elbow grease transform a section of north St. Louis. Read more

Super—but no hero Read more