April 2008

Skybox, with it's 75 HD TV screens, was the perfect spot for the first night of March Madness. Over 300 people showed up to cheer on their bracket picks and and peruse the pages of the new April iss... Read more

A sell-out crowd of more than 530 of St. Louis top philanthropists showed their devotion to the children of the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery at the 10th Annual Razzle Dazzle Ball. This year's gala sur... Read more

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More than 360 guests, ranging in costumes from The Flinstones to The Incredibles, attended the 18th annual COCAcabana on April 26. Favorite animiated and cartoon characters including the Cat in the ... Read more


Photograph courtesy of Roxanne Lowit

The window-designing maven dishes on a life in fashion Read more

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Photograph by Whitney Curtis

In a mere 18 months, Matthew Strauss has made White Flag Projects the most talked-about gallery in town. Will <i>nothing</i> make him happy? Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

The current rage in the spirit world is vodka, specifically vodkas infused with exotic fruits and berries. Little known is the fact that gin was actually the first infused vodka. Read more



Photograph by Katherine Bish

The name is Skybox—a dead-on perfect moniker for a sports bar. In the wake of venues whose names contain symbols, numbers and misplaced capital letters, we appreciate the simplicity. Read more


Photograph courtesy of Randall Slavin

Sometimes it's hard to decide whether to laugh at comedians Randy and Jason Sklar or fear their ridiculously sports-addled brains Read more

Loving baseball is one thing. Getting addicted to fantasy baseball is something else entirely Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

Sure, basketball's more popular, but this youth coach is on a mission to change that Read more

As Busch Stadium again begins to bustle, a long-standing mystery once more demands reflection: Why does Joe Sixpack care? Read more


Photographs by Mark Gilliland

Bob Clevenhagen, head glove engineer at St. Louis' own Rawlings, helps us trace the evolution of the baseball mitt Read more

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Kneeling? Genuflecting? Not necessary. But giving these spots their due? You betcha. Read more


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Jim Edmonds may be gone, but his restaurant continues to score Read more

We set out to answer one simple question: Why is St. Louis such a great baseball town? Read more


Photograph by Katherine Bish

Chef Brendan Noonan speaks to us about both the Scottish Arms and their second venture, The Shaved Duck. Read more