April 2007

By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish Two friends combined an old building with a dream, added a year’s worth of renovations and a Home Depot’s worth of polyurethane, then finished the walls in ... Read more

Artist Mary Sprague’s fowl paintings came after a cross-country trip and a particularly inspired trip to an ostrich farm By Susan Caba Photograph by Mike DeFilippo Short and sturdy, Mary Sprague has t... Read more

Steve Pick hangs out with poet Quincy Troupe Photograph courtesy of Coffee House Press Quincy Troupe, narrow eyeglasses pinching the tip of his nose, dreadlocks lying just out of his eyes, leans forw... Read more


Artist and facility manager, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis By Katie Pelech Photograph by Frank Di Piazza Jason Miller sees fashion with a fly’s eyes—his faceted interpretations construct a mosaic.... Read more

By Kathy Gilsinan Photograph by Katherine Bish On a Monday morning in Turin last October, Stephen Hale waded through a crowd to take his seat for the closing session of Terra Madre, a gigantic interna... Read more

A Gem from August Wilson at the Black Rep By Joe Pollack August Wilson was not just a playwright—he was also a poet, storyteller and cultural preservationist. His 10-play “Pittsburgh Cycle,” which l... Read more

An ode to hockey’s underappreciated, oft-overlooked kings of the deep freeze By Katie Pelech Photograph by Peter Newcomb This April, as you watch burly hockey players glide smoothly over the ice (and ... Read more

By George Mahe Photograph by Katherine Bish When you claim that your next restaurant will “do Italian like it’s never been done here before,” reactions will run from “That’s interesting” to “That’s ki... Read more

Suzanne Lay grew up and put childish things aside. Then she picked them up again. By Katie Pelech Photograph by Mark Gilliland Imagine if we all crafted careers from the hobbies of our 8-year-old selv... Read more

By Chris King Photograph by Peter Newcomb Bud Jostes grew up in Omaha, went to college in New Mexico and named his club after a street in Memphis—a somewhat surprising résumé for a man who is emerging... Read more

With the death of Mississippi Nights, “mainstream” and “alternative” lost the last bit of local meaning Read more


Photograph by Frank Di Piazza

At nearly every historic event in St. Louis, a member of the Arteaga family has been on the scene, clicking the shutter for posterity. Read more


Photograph by Dilip Vishwanat

Can the idealists save a city with a history of selling its history for the right price (or a parking lot)? Read more

A home buyer walks into a house and falls in love—or doesn't. The difference is all in the buyer's imagination. Read more

Rows of gingerbread houses with manicured lawns … Is Southampton really the next bohemian village? Read more

I come when a neighborhood’s blighted. I leave, and it turns hip. What’s the message here? Read more

Most people house-hunt by sorting through the listings. But some St. Louisans decide on a house and then find a way to make it happen Read more

As told to Jeannette Batz Cooperman Photograph by Mark Gilliland He was a hippie whose real first name was Milton; an aesthete who was unequivocally heterosexual; an art collector who loathed formalit... Read more

By Jolene Fisher Webster Groves native Timothy Sexton fell in love with movies at the old Ozark Theater, where, as a kid, he would sneak in to watch Billy Jack over and over. It was a romance that e... Read more

Cardinals relief pitcher By Leslie Gibson McCarthy Photograph by Scott Rovak Cardinals righthander Josh Kinney methodically and deliberately mowed down opposing hitters last October—seven postseason a... Read more