Food Fight: Patio Bracket


It’s no secret that St. Louisans love dining alfresco, and since last year, local restaurant patios have increased in number, size, and popularity. We've listed 64 of the area's favorites, but it's up to you to help decide the winner. Picturing yourself with a drink in your hand and the wind in your hair, yet? Discover your next favorite patio with our guide to the best patios in St. Louis, featuring 100+ alfresco spots to unwind.

Round 1: 5/11—5/13
Round 2: 5/14—5/16
Round 3: 5/17—5/19
Round 4: 5/20—5/22
Round 5: 5/23—5/25
Final Round: 5/26—5/28

This promotion is over. Congratulations John D. McGurk's!

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