Memory Lane: Forum Cafeteria

A nostalgic look back at storied restaurants



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The Forum

Everyone went to the Forum and on Sundays it was particularly packed. You'd see your neighbors there and your relatives there. What remains distinctive is the sheer choice of what to enjoy. As you entered the line with your tray on a rail there was the amazing sight of jumbo shrimp cocktails, too expensive for normal families to enjoy, and then fabulous salads and then the main events, fried chicken, baked chicken, stuffed peppers, roast beef, breaded veal cutlet, seafood, dozens of little dishes with vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, my gosh, it went on and on. The best part was getting to the cashier because even for a large family the bill was not big. As you dined family friends would constantly stop by and the waitresses, in their crisp outfits, would refill your drinks (the most popular being flavored waters that were absolutely delicious). It was all so middle class but, on the other hand, very nice, especially for Sundays, and it was not unusual to see famous St. Louisans, including radio and T.V. stars, there with everyone else. This being St. Louis , if a kid walked up to one of them and asked for an autograph the star graciously provide the autograph, smile and chat and thank you. A different world for sure.

Wayne Brasler 193 days ago

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