Max Cassilly Responds to Seeing the Last Cassilly Crew Project Obliterated Under the Footprint of the New Stadium



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Why do we need a stadium?

Some one please tell me why we need another stadium. There are already three downtown. We just built the Ed Jones Dome. We need to build a new stadium every five years now? And why cant a multibillionaire build his own stadium? He married Sam Walton's daughter? Has St. Louis nothing else to spend money on?

Chris more than 1 year ago

Other History Being Buried

I am fairly certain there are Indian artifacts from before Saint Louis was built on that surrounding area too. In fact, I believe one of the pillars for the new bridge has a plaque that indicates they built the pillar directly on top of an archaeological site.

Lin Da more than 1 year ago


I've lived in a few very large cities in the USA and i've never lived anywhere where so little attention was given to local citizens like Bob Cassilly. If anything the city of STL should honor the man and finish the park by incorporating it into the new stadium. It's just obvious!

I will also add that the placement of the new stadium seems like a good idea i'm sure on paper and if they moved it up north more it would be but in real life the traffic is going to be horrible where it's at now. If the city planners in STL like keeping locals away from downtown then this seems like a great direction to go. With all the one way streets and crazy freeway onramp locations it's someplace I stay away from. I'm also going to add that the city planning in STL seems to be a little crazy. I thought when I moved here it was just old designs but even new construction is bizarre. The whole area around Eager and Hanley is one of the worst ideas i've ever seen. I've give people directions and it's crazy, so to get to Dierbergs you need to go through an alley behind Best Buy? The people that brought us that want to build a stadium? Really?

Adam L more than 1 year ago

Gratitude... Chris Naffziger for his contribution to the ongoing attempt to save what is beautiful and unique in our city. Bob Cassilly understood both, enhanced both, and created both. The city planners and "partners" hyping the new-stadium show would do well to respect the vision of people like Naffziger and Cassilly, and include it in their approach. If they continue to fail to do so, the city will be hoodwinked, yet again.

Yoimbo more than 1 year ago

Rootwad Park...

It's a true shame that they would level that park instead of aggrandize it or just simply build around it. Parks like this are what makes St. Louis special, and it would be a shame for HOK not to incorporate it into their plans for a stadium that St. Louis doesn't want. Shame on the city goverment for not protecting what makes this city unique.

Steve more than 1 year ago


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August 23, 2017

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