SimplyThick: A Tragedy No One Saw Coming

A St. Louis entrepreneur’s brilliant idea won instant FDA approval. Eight years later, babies started dying. Was there a connection?




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bacteria in gut thik n clear

We took thik n clear a cellulose based thickener and had to be hospitalized due to bacteria and air in the small intestine which was the beginnings of nec. It's not just simply thick I think

Laura Miyakawa 71 days ago

Wow,,my daughter was born at 23 weeks, sent home on simply thick and continued it till she was 3-3 1/2!!! She is now 6 with so many stomache issues and no diagnosis!!!! I will be showing this to her GI dr


Alicia 71 days ago

Learn Before You Spurn

I'm an adult with a swallowing disorder, thin liquids being the worst for me. I also have multiple other health challenges, including what I thought was a sudden gluten allergy or intolerance. Come to find out, this same Monsanto company is now saturating the wheat crop and the soil with glyphosate, a very toxin pesticide. This is the reason many people now believe gluten is the problem, and are avoiding it.

Dorie S 90 days ago


"Saturate" is a very strong term to use. I do hope you realise that "organic" foods are required to use HUGE amounts of their chosen chemicals to be so rated?

Diane Moffatt 72 days ago


Saturate is actually exactly correct. Wheat crops are hosed down with Roundup/glyphosate in order to dry them out thoroughly right before harvest. It's easier to cut/process/store when very dry. We're not talking about spot killing weeds in the field. We're talking about spraying a food crop right before harvest.

Lynn 72 days ago


Diane, are you saying that glyphosate does not pose a health problem to humans? Or are you saying that organic food is just as bad as glyphosate-laced food? Source?

JeanEMc2 71 days ago



mike martin 67 days ago

Lucky I Guess

Wow. The thickener was pushed on us by a children's hospital for our infant who had undergone open heart surgery and was found to be micro-aspirating. I was told I could no longer breast feed directly. It was frustrating, time consuming, and costly. It felt wrong, but I believed we were doing what was best because I trusted the medical professionals. I can not imagine how I would feel if my obedient actions had resulted in the death of my child.
My heart goes out to the parents whose lives have been needlessly and irrevocably altered by this product. The general public is made to feel that if a doctor reccomends something, it has been through rigorous testing to receive the approval of the medical community. What an alarming misconception.

ColliMama 229 days ago

Me too Lucky I Guess

Just wanted I have the same exact experience as you. Maybe it was because I really strived to get my daughter off the thickener and only had little of it, she passed her swallow study after one one month of being home after her OHS.

Michelle 73 days ago

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