A Tour of Cherokee Brewery's Old Lagering Cellars With the Earthbound Beer Crew



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Dau Furniture

Dau Furniture was never in this location. We were at 2720 which is next door. We were at 2720 from 1935-1979 but that was not one of our first location. We opened our first location on Cass Ave. in 1894. We did have a location on Cherokee at 2649 Cherokee from 1919-1926. Then we were at 3409 South Jefferson from 1926-1935. During this time we had 3 other locations throughout St. Louis. My dad told me a story of using this brewery building for storage during the 70s. But in 1922 I'm pretty sure we were not in this building. I could be wrong but I have all of these addresses from old advertisements I've found. But it is super cool to see this building come back.

Ryan Dau 157 days ago

Underground Beer Tour

These cellars are great. My understanding is that these cellars exist all over the city. It sure would be cool if more of them were cleared out and reused by the brewing community. They could partner and create an underground brewery tour and further advance STL's reputation as a great beer town.

DK more than 1 year ago

Underground Beer Tour

Check out www.otrbrewerydistrict.com the brewery district in Over The Rhine in Cincinnati Ohio. You can go on different tours of Pre-Prohibition German breweries and tour multiple lagering "felsen" caves. There is a tour where you go deep down under a defunct brewery go through a tunnel under a street then climb up into the bottling house! The first week in March is Bockfest and a three hour tour is offered online at.

Chris Hagan 281 days ago


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