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William Powell is the senior editor of St. Louis Magazine, where he's written feature stories about a murderball player, a competitive eater, and Ferguson's best burger joint, among many other topics. In 2014, he won a prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award from the national Society of Professional Journalists for his coverage of the death penalty in Missouri. At the Great Plains Journalism Awards, he's won prizes for feature and news writing and been named Writer of the Year. He edits the news section of the magazine and contributes to Before coming to St. Louis, Powell was associate editor at Cincinnati Magazine. He's written one or more things for Al Jazeera America, The Atlantic, Outside, and Esquire. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Powell lives in South City with his wife, Rachael, and their mischievous greyhound, Slider. He plays way too much volleyball and is annoyingly good at board games.

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Kevin A. Roberts

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Disc golf is traditional golf’s casual, nature-loving cousin. There’s no dress code, no greens fees. Discs are far cheaper than clubs. And instead of cutting down trees for a manicured fairway, disc golf courses often run right through the forest. more

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homeless_ geoffeg.jpg

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What does panhandling have to do with murder? We asked Downtown STL Inc. CEO Missy Kelley about her push for no-tolerance policing. more

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This month, Chaifetz Arena hosts the Men’s U.S. Olympic Trials and the Women’s P&G Gymnastics Championships, meaning that you don’t need a plane ticket to Brazil to see these athletes in action. Here’s what to watch for. more

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Whether you prefer an old-school malt from Crown Candy Kitchen or a sci-fi creation from Ices Plain and Fancy, St. Louis has many exceptional places to get your frozen fix. more

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There are fascinating stories behind some of the region's most popular restaurant items. more

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Created in St. Louis, the app takes a photo and mashes it up with another image (for instance, a Picasso), remixing them into an original piece of art. more

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Even without an MLS team, St. Louis is a soccer city. more

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Garden gnomes, bobbleheads, dress socks, replica jerseys and rings, fedoras... more

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