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Last year in South Carolina, the two were struck by a vehicle while walking to morning coffee. This month, each is releasing a different, but complementary live album. more


Red-Headed Strangers.jpg

Photo by Drew Sheafor, courtesy of The Red-Headed Strangers

Each release allows members a chance to stretch their talents in the world of original music. more


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Courtesy of Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre

Performances of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "The Year Without Santa Claus" are part of the debut of The Holiday Stop-Motion Extravaganza Parody—and family-friendly. more


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Courtesy of Dan Rubright

These days, Dan Rubright’s got more ideas, material, and collaborators than ever. more


The podcast mines interviews spanning more than 50 years. more



Photography by Jessica Page

The Berklee College of Music graduate was named a Slingshot artist by National Public Radio. more



Bruiser Queen puts the Rock into the Rock N Roll Craft Show. Courtesy of RRCS.

The group's third album will add five tracks on New York City label Velvet Elk Records. more



Courtesy of St. Louis International Film Festival

Part of the St. Louis International Film Festival, a new documentary tackles how the innovation of home recording is changing professional recording studios. more


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Courtesy of Jeremy Essig

Find comedian and musician Essig telling jokes at the Flyover Comedy Festival on November 8 and playing a free show at Off Broadway on November 16. more



Photography by Thomas Crone

Each year in October, the volunteer-run Archon brings together folks with a geeky worldview. more

Fairs and Festivals

On November 3, Harris will present a live event dubbed A Brief History of Planned Obsolescence, billed as “a three-act / performance art / intermedia / representation of our moment in time.” more


Bottle Rockets Bit Logic new album

Cary Horton

“It sounds really clean, this country band. It’s a little odd to hear in the Bottle Rockets sound, it’s different. The guitars are not in a catfight anymore.” more


“We’ll clean it out, and, on Sunday, we’ll have a jam session inside and paint over the mural on the outside. We’ll make our last big noise here." more


The tracks were recorded by producer Matthew Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios. more



Julia Vogel

The group is playing Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room October 6, and will release the album that evening. more



Photography by Matt Marcinkowski

Williams is a stalwart of the local jazz scene who's known as a stellar performer, teacher, and recording artist. more


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Courtesy of Shae Moseley

Their self-titled album, two years in the making, dropped last May. more



Photography by Matt Marcinkowski

Initially a solo project, then a collective, then a six-piece band, it went gangbusters till 2015, at which point a farewell show in Glasgow marked the end of the players’ time together. more


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via Google Maps

The newly minted holiday takes place Saturday, July 7. more


First, it's happening tonight. Second, these songs are, at the moment, cassingle-only—though streaming will happen soon. And third, "outrageously good" singer-songwriter Paige Alyssa is opening the show. more